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Asteroids #10961 Buysballot, #7960 Condorcet & Iran Election

Fomalhaut is the first of the Royal Stars (Regulus, Antares, Aldebaran) to change from its WWII position (1938) to its 21st century position on 20-June-09 @ 12:02:294236 UT (The So-Called Royal Stars of Persia [PDF], The Watchers (dates), Royal stars).

prior to June 20th, there are some other astrological events that may point to current events: Buysballot retrograde (25-April), Sun parallel Hades (04-June) & contraparallel Buysballot, Iran Election (12-June), Sun-Hades conjunction (19-June), Regulus-Condorcet conjunction (19-June), Buysballot goes direct (12-July), Buysballot returns to pre-retrograde position (06-September).

interestingly, someone pointed out that it's 30 days from 12-June to 12-July & "that revolutions take 30 days or more". curious, i googled this from Ekkart Zimmermann's "Political Violence, Crises, and Revolutions":

CALVERT (1970) analyzes 363 "revolutionary" events between 1901 and 1960. He uses a power model of revolutions and tries to take into consideration the resources (especially armed units) which the rival factions have at hand. Unfortunately, his model is not tested in an adequate manner. He collected data on the following aspects: periodicity of revolutions, duration… coups are included in the cases under study is also documented by the fact that about 37% of these revolutions lasted less than one day and 37% 30 days, and only 7% took longer than one year (ibid.). [+][+]

#10961 Buysballot :: Discovered 1960 Sept. 24 by C. J. van Houten and I. van Houten-Groeneveld on Palomar Schmidt plates taken by T. Gehrels. Dutch scientist Christophorus H. D. Buys Ballot (1817-1890) created Buys Ballot's law describing the turning of the winds in northern and southern hemispheres. He founded the Astronomical Institute at the University of Utrecht (Sonnenborgh) in 1853 and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute in 1854.

Christophorus Henricus Diedericus Buys Ballot (October 10, 1817 – February 3, 1890) was a Dutch chemist and meteorologist after whom Buys-Ballot's law and the Buys Ballot table are named… Buys-Ballot's law states that if a person in the Northern Hemisphere stands with his back to the wind, the low atmospheric pressure is found to his left.

Asteroid 7960 Condorcet named for: Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Caritat, marquis de Condorcet (17 September 1743 – 28 March 1794), known as Nicolas de Condorcet, was a French philosopher, mathematician, and early political scientist who devised the concept of a Condorcet method. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he advocated a liberal economy, free and equal public education, constitutionalism, and equal rights for women and people of all races. His ideas and writings were said to embody the ideals of the Age of Enlightenment and rationalism, and remain influential to this day… A Condorcet method is any single-winner election method that meets the Condorcet criterion, that is, which always selects the Condorcet winner, the candidate who would beat each of the other candidates in a run-off election, if such a candidate exists.

Charts: 19-June Sun-Hades Conjunction | 19-June Kite & Hexagram with asteroid #18987 Irani, named after 2003 ISEF winner [+][+][+] (computer science project: Ternary vs. Binary)

• Buysballot goes retrograde 25-Apr @ 16:16 UT
• Sun-Hades parallel / Buysballot contraparallel declination 04-June @ 03:50:1376 UT [+]
Antares-Buysballot retrograde conjunction 15-June @ 17:51:03654UT
• Sun-Hades conj 19-June @ 07:09:2091 UT
Regulus-Condorcet conj 19-June @ 12:38:39991 UT
• Buysballot goes direct 12-Jul @ 22:18 UT
Antares-Buysballot direct conjunction 09-August @ 01:11:1856UT
• Buysballot returns 06-Sep @ 11:07:25041 UT

Sun's path never exceeds 23°27' north or south, any planet beyond this degree considered out-of-bounds (oob); during its current retrograde cycle Buysballot intersects Aldebaran-Antares axis. Antares is oob at 26°27' S, but the closest Buysballot gets to that declination is 24°08' S on 05-Oct-09; however, Buysballot does reach parallel declination with Aldebaran approximately 29-Jun-10 at 16° N.

Swetest Output format : tPZsD
t: date formatted like 920223 for 1992 february 23
P: planet name
Z: longitude ddsignmm'ss"
s: speed longitude decimal (degrees/day) [neg value indicates retrograde]
D: declination degree [neg value indicates south]

Zuggtmoy/Juiblex Complex | Zuggtmoy: Demoness Ontology in Dark Vitalism | The Zuggtmonic Drive: (Dark) Intelligence Without Center | A Taxomomy of Evils and the Demoness Ontology of Powers in Vitalism | Iranian Variations, Marxist Repetitions | why are the iranians dreaming again?*

Revolutionary transformation

The therapeutic component of the schizoanalytic endeavour is, however, strictly speaking inseparable from its revolutionary component, for (to recall the first and third theses of schizoanalysis) every psychic investment—whether paranoid or schizophrenic—is simultaneously a social investment, and indeed is first and foremost a social investment, even though it may be consciously perceived or expressed in personal or familial terms. Releasing schizophrenic desire from molar capture requires defeating the forces of paranoia throughout society, from the intimate confines of the nuclear family right up to and including the debt to capital: it requires full-scale social revolution.

Deleuze and Guattari's notion of revolution is, perhaps, surprisingly, derived at least as much from Marx's materialist counter-parts, Nietzsche and Freud, as from Marx himself. For the basic premisses of schizoanalytic revolution are these: that the revolution will be anti-ascetic just as much as anti-capitalist; and that it will spring from the force of desire, not just a sense of historical duty or class interest.²º Desire is part of the infrastructure (345/413; 348/416), and
sexuality is everywhere: the way a bureaucrat fondles his records, a judge administers justice, a businessman causes money to circulate; the way the bourgeoisie fucks the proletariat… And there is no need to resort to metaphors, any more than for the libido to go by way of metamorphoses [i.e. sublimation]. Hitler got the fascists sexually aroused. Flags, nations, armies, banks get a lot of people aroused. (293/348)
Given the ubiquity and indeed the primacy of desire for schizoanalysis, then, "a revolutionary machine is nothing if it does not acquire at least as much force as these coercive machines [nations, armies, banks] have for producing breaks and mobilizing flows" (293/348). As much from its source in free-form schizophrenic desire as from its target in the asceticism of capitalist neo-sovereignty, revolution according to schizoanalysis necessarily entails the mobilization of libidinal energies.

This does not mean, Deleuze and Guattari are quick to point out, that they consider schizophrenics to be revolutionaries: they do not romantically idealize schizophrenia and madness as being revolutionary in themselves. For schizoanalysis carefully distinguishes between "the" schizophrenic as a clinical entity and schizophrenia as a process:
There is a whole world of difference between the schizo and the revolutionary: the difference between the one who escapes, and the one who knows how to make what he is escaping escape… The schizo is not the revolutionary, but the schizophrenic process—in terms of which the schizo [as clinical entity] is merely the interruption, or the continuation in the void—is the potential for revolution.²¹ (341/408)

someone told me last night they operated from: if you have an idea just do it.
what do you? astroschyzy. what is that?

Anschluß: Austria merged into Germany 12-March-1938, going against prohibition of this union; first step in Hitler's plan of German expansion &c. 93 days later Fomalhaut enters Pisces 3° on 13-June-1938. ironically, 93 days prior to Fomalhaut changing to Pisces 4° on 20-June-2009, Josef Fritzl of Austria sentenced to life imprisonment on 19-March-2009. Anschluss means annex, link-up, junction, join, connection; "To append or attach, especially to a larger or more significant thing". the house where Anne Frank hid was called the Secret Annex. Syzygy is another word for "union", also means: conjunction, alignment, yoked together. Amplexus looks like this in nature & a poetic syzygial amplexus by Galway Kinnell.