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More Asteroids

actually saw Mr. Peter Power on the telly today.

2003 EL61 (11LI30, Declination 26° 41' 17"), 2003 UB313 (21AR20, Declination -14° 33' 59"), 2005 FY9 (21VI00, Declination 28° 37' 52").

Asteroids: 99942 APOPHIS (In Egyptian mythology, Apep (also spelt Apepi, and Aapep, or Apophis in Greek) was an evil demon, the deification of darkness and chaos, and thus opponent of light and Ma'at (order/truth)), 96205 ARARAT (Tallest peak in modern Turkey, is a snow-capped dormant volcanic cone, located in the far northeast of Turkey, 16 km west of Iran and 32 km south of Armenia; Genesis identifies this mountain as the resting place of Noah's Ark after the "great flood" described there), 85585 MJOLNIR (In Norse mythology, Mjolnir (also Mjollnir, literally "that which smashes") is the Hammer of Thor, the god of lightning and thunder; most fearsome weapon in the arsenal of the Norse pantheon, used to slay any challengers to Aesir supremacy), 1772 GAGARIN (Soviet cosmonaut who in 1961 became the first human to travel into space 12-April-1961); no asteroid named for ALAN SHEPHARD (first U.S. astronaut in space 05-May-1961; Shepard holds distinction of being first American to journey into space, as well as the only Mercury astronaut to walk on the Moon), 8256 SHENZHOU (First manned space mission launched by the People's Republic of China) & 21064 YANGLIWEI (People's Republic of China's first man in space 15-October-2003)

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