northanger (northanger) wrote,

Way Up There

usually the dev manager of the aol visual publisher project (me = lead quality assurance engineer) liked pulling my leg. great big bear of a guy. not an inch of space left when he walked into my cube. our team liked to throw it over the wall for real. so my two programmers had this habit of moseying over to my cube just to check me out when i checked out their latest build. best project i ever worked on. total spaghetti code, never had qa. aol producers used visual publisher to create most of the content using aol's proprietary rainman publishing system. without this tool producers created content on the mainframe using a tree structure (ugh). VP = WYSIWYG. my problem = nobody on our side of the wall knew much about rainman. entire VP project transferred from east to west. so i'm a new lead with the entire dev team unfamiliar with qa process. a multi-tab box handled most of the publishing functionality. it's the #1 please please check this out thingy. finally give it a whack entering 65 bugs in one day. the next day dave (dev mgr) comes into my cubey where i'm just hanging out coz i don't have the ball anymore. takes me 10 minutes of dave beating around the bush for me to realize dave has a serious problem. he finally knows it's a piece of crap. sitting morosely in my chair he asks me: can my guys fix this?

i cracked up laughing — coz by then i knew my boys.

Tags: sts-107, sts-114

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