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mythemes for dummies

The supreme concept with which it is customary to begin a transcendental philosophy is the division into the possible and the impossible. But since all division presupposes a concept to be divided, a still higher one is required, and this is the concept of an object in general, taken problematically, without its having been decided whether it is something or nothing [K III 305-6].

As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. The water is still now, almost unnaturally so as if it was resting from its monumental act of carnage, exhausted by its orgasmic tidal surge.

The message is always that the writer knows enough to know that they don't need to know. In other words, they, the sensible and the commonsensical, know what all this stuff is about, but they also know that it is a waste of time. The message is reinforced by lame in-jokes (witness Liddle's bewildering notion that philosophy is all about the ontological status of tables) aimed at reassuring other half-educated half-wits that their time spent in the union bar was better spent than it would have been in the library. Think again...

One last pear hung precariously from a tree growing on the other side of the fence ... I gave him my satchel and shoes as he asked me, then I shed my clothes as he advised me to do. "Wear this," he said, and he shed his own skin. It fell off in a pile on the soil floor looking like a tablecloth used in my home. When I clothed myself in his skin I no longer smelled like my home or the valley. Instead I became like the men on the mountain. I smelled distinctly foreign. I thanked the man and watched as he dressed himself in my own clothes. He said he would wear them until new skin grew on his back. {proppian fairy tale generator}

figures. finally find The Thirst for Annihilation: Georges Bataille and Virulent Nihilism an Essay in Atheistic Religion online & can finally learn what a FANGED NOUMENON really is — only to have most of it shoveled into pays-ville like so much exclusivist piffle. kill all capitalists!

eerie textual parallelogram.


Can this be true... got me wondering about things problematically something or nothing. fast-breaking news, conspiracy theories, loose ends, pride, prejudice, speculative verbal diarrhea & hyperstition. probably ... history in the making.

adding to the infinite thought & k-punk mix: In Our Time's Greatest Philosopher Vote.

In the study of mythology, a mytheme is a feature of a myth, which may be shared with other, related myths. For example, the myths of Adonis and Osiris share several elements, leading some scholars to conclude that they share a source. Lev Manovich also uses the terms seme and mytheme in his book, The Language of New Media to describe aspects of culture that computer images enter into dialog with. {Mytheme}

[Vladimir] Propp listed seven roles: the villain, the donor, the helper, the sought-for-person (and her father), the dispatcher, the hero and the false hero and schematized the various '"functions" within the story, what we have been calling "mythemes," as follows ... {Vladimir Propp's list of mythemes}

Vladimir Propp (St Petersburg, April 29, 1895 - Leningrad August 22, 1970) was a Russian structuralist scholar who analysed the basic plot components of Russian folk tales to identify their simplest irreducible narrative elements. His Morphology of the Folk Tale was published in Russian in 1928; although it influenced Claude Lévi-Strauss and Roland Barthes, it was generally unnoticed in the West until it was translated in the 1950s. {Vladimir Propp}

[Claude] Lévi-Strauss adapts this style of language analysis to the realm of myth criticism, asserting that the system of meaning within mythic utterances parallels closely that of a language system.In his work on the mythologies of primitive tribes, he adopts the term mytheme: "Myth like the rest of language is made up of constituent units ... present in language when analyzed on other levels; namely phonemes, morphemes and sememes--but they, nevertheless, differ (among themselves); they belong to a higher order, a more complex one. For his reason, we shall call them gross constituent units [...] or mythemes." In other words, in language, phonemes, morphemes and sememes exist architectonically. In a sentence, sememes, dependent on grammatical structures, are built of words, composed of groupings of phonemes, the most basic units of language. A meaningful sentence can thus be described in gross as groupings of phonemes. Similarly, a myth contains groupings of mythemes. It is important to note that while a mytheme performs an immediate meaningful function by itself, it derives a greater, more significant relevance in its connections with other mythemes. The full meaning of a myth results from the combination and comparison of its mythemes. Lévi-Strauss elaborates: "...(A) certain function is, at a given time, predicated to a given subject, or, to put it otherwise, each gross constituent unit will consist in a relation...The true constituent units of a myth are not the isolated relations but bundles of such relations, and it is only as bundles that these relations can be put to use and combined so as to produce meaning." {MYTHEME / Mytheme}

what does all this signify? i mean, i can watch the so-called news shows on tv & listen to them exhaust themselves speculating about the latest tidbits from XY&Z watching them running out of steam left breathless by the effort. gee ... i can do that! did you ever notice the hypnotic rhythms of news voices?

i'm beginning to realize — maybe it's just hitting upper memory maybe — that this, this & the root of of all conspiracy theories signifies something to me (others too) but ... it's automatically thought ridiculous with a knowing "don't need to know" — it's not "news", it's not "real". it's not worth serious consideration.

so this stuff just sits there ... like that sprig of parsley on your plate you never eat.

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