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05-May-2004 (440 Days)

05-May-2004 :: BBC: 1980: SAS rescue ends Iran embassy siege; 1981: Bobby Sands dies in prison (Text of 2005 IRA Statement); 1961: Shepard becomes first US astronaut; 2001: Sun shines on foot-and-mouth crisis; 1955: Dr Salk promotes polio vaccine in UK; 1967: First all-British satellite 'Ariel 3' launched; May 5th in History: 1751 The Portuguese government takes steps to curb the Inquisitions powers (Portuguese Inquisition candidate to be one of two wiki collaborations of the week); 1942 Battle of Coral Sea; 1988 A live broadcast from the top of Mt Everest is made for the first time, by Japanese TV; 1512 Geradus Mercator, German map maker born; 1818 Karl Marx, German author born.

me on this day :: staying at big sister's house, no job. everyone's at school or work. hear door slam. it's the evil gas company turning off service. drive to phone & call man of the house. hey! the phone still works as man of the house returns call. instructed to forge signature on check & pay bill. done. shower & cry about my fate. decided i needed to catch clue bus & pull Wheel of Fortune (RAJAS is the guna for the day :: I immediately felt that it involved the gunas -- especially those cooked up by the eclipse). perk up & wash very dirty furry person outside. young devil spawn arrives after short day. i look like i've been in a wet t-shirt contest — young one says i should wear a bra. i snap it feeling postal. various nanny duties involving getting food, dropoffs & pickups to sporting practices. i buy heating pad, australian merlot & some sushi. watched Charlie's Angels Full Throttle. happy Cinco de Mayo.

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