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10th Day : 11-Feb-03 = 28-Jul-05

today is the 10th day of the 19 days between 19-July and 07-August; 11-Feb-03 = 28-Jul-05. decided to check my magical diary for 11-Feb-03. first thing i mention: TOO BLOODY WARM & SUNNY and it would be nice if it rained. i was typing out KAOS 13 (1989) & added the following bits. btw, on the cover of KAOS 13 it says Nietzsche Centenary - This issue is dedicated to the memory of Friedrich Nietzsche on the Centenary of his sudden slide into eleven years of Utter Oblivion in January 1889. these bits are from the Editorial by Joel Biroco about the Kaos-Babalon 156 Current. remember, these are bits from the original.

I think I have written enough in these pages over the last three years about the danger of misdirection of the current by half-cocked cults not to have to explain that a "proper" cult is one which serves the demands of the time…

But all this chit-chat about new cults, currents and changes can do little more than hint at the real story, the collision of intense magical emotions & ordeals & initiations on the psyches of a group of people who "volunteered" to act as test-pilots & frontiersmen for something drastically new. And when I say intense I mean extremely so.

The chaos current, what was it that turned the heads of so many but a mere shallow surface glamour which has now lost its glister leaving those who scrambled after it forced to affect the proud indifference of a wooden marionette professing not to need its strings, that the tugs from above, which grow weaker by the hour, just happen to coincide with where it has every intention of going anyway, and on saying so it flops down in a defiant heap in the corner in an [a] vain effort to prove its point.

Such feigning and the resultant Will-sapping consequence is what happens when changes become far too subtle for you. You fail to grasp what is going on and in an effort to at least keep hold of some understanding you indulge thoroughly inappropriate responses, this is the greatest single weakness of anyone who aspires to be a magician, It's what separates the true adept from those who bask in a foolish indulgence that they are a true adept when they are not. It is where the pace hots up, it is where the hangers-on fall off.

I give you my Word "Jubalcain" (yes, with a J not a T as the toy soldiers have it) and I think even those who never thought it possible will find it more than adequate in every conceivable way, for nothing is beyond a true Magus, not even uttering a Word of earth-shattering significance.

Mind you, when "they" realise that "Jubalcain" conceals a profound mystery … a Word which not only completely altered the nature of Freemasonry at the most fundamental level … but also established his Will on earth completely fusing the multitude of diverse Wills into his own Will, his own Will being the Will of the Universe manifested in the individual … , Freemasonry reels merely from the impact of this Word "Jubalcain" which is most definitely not just any old word. And that is known as the Magus uttering his Bottom Line.

For this password opens doors few realise even exist … For by uttering "Jubalcain" and showing every sign I know what it means I COMMAND a meeting of [          ] … And that's worldwide.

the _ultimate_ Secret of the Craft

With the Word "Jubalcain" I humbly command access to The Black Room, The Red Room and The Chamber of Death for a ritual of dire importance, for I have returned from the wilderness with a message of great hope. Startling to consider don't you think, all you who see through the illusion, who see how this is reality for a few no matter how flippantly I dismiss it in order to ensure I draw together all four quarters of the earth from the highest to the lowest, excluding the in-betweens. For "Jubalcain" is PROOF of power just as surely as a sword has two edges. It is proof for those who need proof and it is no proof for those who need no proof.

… I bind together all disparate Wills upon the face of the globe into a skein, and with this skein a wand appeareth in my hand and with this wand I enact my Will in the name of Sooty who here blastereth Sweep into Hell & Damnation. For I am a Grand Puppet Master of the 156th Degree I have NO-ONE up my backside and NO-ONE pulling my strings! Who needs "working tools" in a restaurant when you know the choice phrases of the Supreme Secret of the [                     ] and can toss them willy-nilly into your editorial and _almost_ have it go unnoticed by the profane? Consider that. All just because one's Holy Guardian Anarchist slips you one hell of a Word with which to confound the critics behind the back of the Great Architect of the Universe. But the bullshit of a true Magus knows no bounds.

It is precious little use to attempt to cause change in conformity with Will if you do not possess the ability to recognise and take hold of the resulting change and assimilate it in no matter what form it appears, standing there in impotent awe of the genii you have successfully summoned just too shit-scared of its reality to reel off your desires, [to] further unfurl your Will.

The entire phenomenon that we have called the chaos current may be likened, with some appreciation of the irony of it, to passage through a hierarchy in order to assimilate an understanding of it in terms of what we already know but have rejected. This strikes me as a good way to properly assess its impact in the absence of a crater-because there was certainly something around the edge of which a good many people stood but never ever dared to venture further into lest it scorch their psyches to the core. I for one am certainly not of the school of thought which seeks to thoughtlessly dismiss the chaos current, which is merely an empty reaction to the equally thoughtless hype that was fool's gold to so many.

Most people have accepted by now that the "we're all equals" line is a bunch of bullshit put around by anarchos still paying lipservice to their forefathers who didn't believe it either. It's just a line of twaddle which most free-thinking people are pretty embarrassed by, the last ribbon of bondage strung across the finishing line in the race for their freedom.

Being "equal" is of complete unimportance, it has little real meaning, what matters most is the degree of humility with which one conducts one's affairs no matter what strata of society one comes from, because if there is one thing that is clear, we are NOT all equal, except in the abstract, and it is foolish to carry over an abstract value and attempt to live one's life according to it, choosing to render all straightforward observation of how life really is null & void.

… rank is _self-bestowed_--though to cut any ice it must be based on _natural endowment_, differences in rank should not be arbitrary and unjust for all that happens then is that envy and meaningless pseudo-hierarchical struggle are the rule of the day, as we have seen. But if, on the other hand, external differences in rank correspond with differences in inner worth, and if inner worth forms the criterion of external rank, people acquiesce and in this way the occult may be _fortified_.

all is perfectly self-evident.

My Law need never be stated but transgressors know to their cost when they have transgressed it-often as a result of attempting to do what thou wilt in a prohibited zone, though it was a nice try one can hardly take the universe by storm with a mere four words plagiarised from Rabelais. My Law is enforced with an iron fist in a velvet glove, a Law which is happy to be stroked like a pussy cat but which soon turns nasty if rubbed up the wrong way. That is MY Law, if you knows of some better Law you would rather have rule you then go to it, for the tyranny of my indifference towards you will become more than you can bear. Go now! Flee to some other Law, perhaps one with more seductive ruses, one which talks so endlessly of LOVE but which merely uses it as one does a counter going round the board in a game of ludo, rarely as a tongue to caress the tongue of a lover or a finger to wipe away a tear.

The only ones I want at my side are those who come together as a pack. Lone wolves in pursuit of a common objective who don't need to feel diminished just because one picks up the scent before the others because the _scent_ is what is being followed not the first who finds it.

… when our beacon reaches into the minds of the finest and sways them with the truth alone without any need for an ostentatious ruse.

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