northanger (northanger) wrote,

It is 03.30 in the morning.

Let us say one is 'drunk'—an impoverished cipher for all those terrible things one does to one’s nervous-system in the depths of the night—and philosophy is 'impossible' ...

"In seeing the contrast between the world we are thrown into and which we cannot control and the absolute freedom we have to create ourselves, we must despair of any hope of external value or determination and restrict ourselves to what is under our own control" (Banach)

Taoism holds a similar view regarding the cause of human suffering, in that it derives from man's despair in regards to his lack of external definition, however Lao-Tzu simultaneously taught that man can overcome the despair that accompanies absolute freedom by bringing his actions into accordance with the continually changing nature of the Tao:

"Pacifying the agitated material soul and holding to oneness: Are you able to avoid separation? Focusing your energy on the release of tension: Can you be like an infant? In purifying your insight: Can you un-instruct it? The people and ruling the state: Can you avoid over-manipulation? In opening and closing the gate of Heaven: Can you be the female? In illuminating the whole universe: Can you be free of rationality? Give birth to it and nourish it. Produce it but do not possess it. Act without expectation. Excel, but do not take charge. This is called Mysterious Virtue" (Lao Tzu 10)



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