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  • Mon, 09:24: RT @StephenKing: Great win for the LGBT community in the Supreme Court. Be aware that Susan Collins fave Brett Kavanaugh voted agains.
  • Mon, 09:25: RT @joncoopertweets: BREAKING: In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court says federal law protects LGBTQ workers from discrimination #PrideMo
  • Mon, 09:27: RT @RKJ65: Hey, @SenatorCollins, your boy Brett Kavanaugh just voted against protecting LGBTQ workers from discrimination.
  • Mon, 09:27: RT @mmpadellan: Just a reminder that Brett Kavanaugh was one of the 3 dissenting opinions on the Supreme Court ruling that bans discriminat…
  • Mon, 09:28: RT @AP: The 6-3 ruling, which also protects transgender people from discrimination in employment, is a resounding victory for LGBT rights.…
  • Mon, 09:28: RT @EdwardTHardy: Brett Kavanaugh voted against basic LGBT rights In November, there's 23 Republican Senators up for re-election Vote out…
  • Mon, 09:28: RT @StephenKing: Susan Collins fave Brett Kavanaugh also dissented from the Supreme Court’s majority in the matter of certain gun laws.
  • Mon, 09:30: RT @StephenKing: Probably someone else already posted this, it's on the web, but after all the shitty, unpleasant, and frightening news lat…
  • Mon, 09:33: RT @makerofnoise: @bowdent99 @StephenKing @TheMMChief It always has only been about her. The first time she ran she "pledged" to only serve…
  • Mon, 09:34: RT @SaraGideon: Just in: a new #MESen poll has us ahead of Senator Collins — the third poll in a row that has us leading. I know that we…
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