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  • Mon, 08:49: RT @ToddDomke:
  • Mon, 08:49: RT @JoeBiden: Climate change poses an existential threat to our future — and time is running out to address it. We have to get Donald Trump…
  • Mon, 08:49: RT @robreiner: 100,000 dead on your watch and you have the fucking nerve to go golfing and accuse Joe Scarborough of committing murder. You…
  • Mon, 08:51: RT @NewsHour: WATCH: The crowds may be gone at Arlington National Cemetery this Memorial Day, but the Changing of the Guard still goes on.…
  • Mon, 08:51: RT @ninetysixdelta: Just in case you'd like to hear it from a veteran: No, as a non-servicemember and non-veteran, Donnie T should not be…
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