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  • Wed, 04:25: RT @GeoffRBennett: NEWS: A senior intelligence official confirms that DNI Richard Grenell has declassified and handed over to the DOJ a lis…
  • Wed, 04:25: RT @thatpussywillow: I just don’t understand how they can justify shooting someone who is asleep in any way!How is someone a threat when th…
  • Wed, 04:27: RT @ChristopherJM: Latest: Russia says it’ll suspend use within the country of Aventa-M ventilators, 2 of which caught fire at Russian hosp…
  • Wed, 04:27: RT @dukewindsor388: There's a woman I work with who I wasn't sure where she was politically. She always borrows my coffee creamer. Today I…
  • Wed, 04:28: RT @WillChill9: @fr00tbasket It's called gaslighting and deflection. It is classic trump M.O.
  • Wed, 04:35: hacked down a lantana bush, expecting repercussions
  • Wed, 04:42: lol
  • Wed, 04:43: trump is weak
  • Wed, 04:43: RT @GlissantBot: Contradiction would knot the community (which ceases to be one) with impossibilities, profoundly destabilizing it.
  • Wed, 04:44: RT @BryanDawsonUSA: "The president is not to be treated as an ordinary citizen." Jay Sekulow, Trump's attorney, actually argued this before…
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