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i like her style

I want to be Karen Hunter when I grow up! No, I want to use Ms. Hunter one of these days. No seriously, only kidding! {Grade School Essay: Why I want to be Karen Hunter when I grow up}

what made me stop & watch The Situation &etc., was A BLACK WOMAN! totally loved her style & her ability to handle herself well & keep it, well, real. gurl, you go. she certainly follows mom's edict to ... BE A WOMAN!

Were these poll questions given in English? {The Situation with Tucker Carlson (15-July)}

As co-host of "the hottest morning show" in New York City—the 'RL Morning Show—Karen Hunter has been instrumental in helping to redefine talk radio. She proved industry analysts wrong by showing that a woman could not only carry a morning talk show in a male-dominated arena, but also could offer new and fresh perspectives delivered in a brash, honest, humorous and often controversial style. She speaks with authority about everything from politics and race to sex and religion. In 2005, she was named one of Talkers Magazine's "Heavy Hundred" — The 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America. In 2004, her first full year in the business, she was invited to sit on the "Talk Rumble" panel at Talkers Magazine's New Media Seminar in New York City. The only woman and black on the rumble— a gritty question-and-response format featuring some of the top talk show hosts in the nation— Karen not only held her own but was also featured in the July edition of Talkers Magazine as someone making waves in the talk industry and a "talent to watch." {WWRL Personalities: Karen Hunter}

NY Daily News Archives (article)

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