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  • Tue, 04:07: what's the bottom line here?
  • Tue, 04:08: Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union
  • Tue, 04:13: ah
  • Tue, 04:15: take your time what we should do, we got time
  • Tue, 04:17: people are dying, but we still hv legitimate questions
  • Tue, 04:19: the USO wanted 50k signatures for a card supporting the troops. i like crozier plan better
  • Tue, 04:20: kudos to Trump for not firing Crozier, truth
  • Tue, 04:27: Shout out to Ralphs employees, Valentine Laundry!
  • Tue, 04:28: the eulogy of america for $300!
  • Tue, 04:29: Nope
  • Tue, 04:30: He's still the president of the united states, and in this case, supporting "state's rights" of executive action (or whatevs)
  • Tue, 04:31: lemonade lemon meringue pie lemon load lemon chips?
  • Tue, 04:32: Scorpionic America, take a good hard look at US
  • Tue, 04:54: yup. bluntness works. see too many boxing gloves still
  • Tue, 04:56: who holds all the cards
  • Tue, 04:57: no horoscope necessary on future obvious
  • Tue, 05:02: doctor it hurts when i do this
  • Tue, 05:04: Not sure, but Scar on morning joe: Are you asking the president of the united states to resign?
  • Tue, 05:04: why, we could be peaking soon!
  • Tue, 05:05: does somebody need a dispensation?
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