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  • Mon, 03:38: This makes me feel like Hannah Arendt rehabilitating Heidegger. More later
  • Mon, 03:40: the weekly paycheck should guide you in your presidential considerations
  • Mon, 03:44: "the Magnitsky case is egregious, well documented and encapsulates the darker side of Putinism"
  • Mon, 03:59: Urgency to elect Donald Trump out of office is fascinating to watch. It's the only thing accelerating, like a hamster running forever.
  • Mon, 04:00: Rev Al is speaking from another state, remain calm white peeps
  • Mon, 04:01: and we're vetting that black woman right now! (who put her on!)
  • Mon, 04:03: Not voting for Buttigieg, Warren or Sanders. #TeamBiden
  • Mon, 04:04: do not fucking tell me there's a fascist in office and i've got to vote a certain way
  • Mon, 04:06: It's standard operating procedure in effect. Do not think that voting for candidate XYZ is going to fucking change a thing.
  • Mon, 04:08: Lots of snake oil. Media Zero, Donald Trump is still in office. He's too legit to quit
  • Mon, 04:09: Too legit to quit!
  • Mon, 04:11: If Joe drops out, I'm a low info voter
  • Mon, 04:13: What my mother told me about William F Buckley. Not all smart people are good people, they hate you.
  • Mon, 04:14: lying face dog pony soldier
  • Mon, 04:17: I'm #TeamBiden. Full stop. I WILL WRITE HIS NAME ON THE BALLOT in the general
  • Mon, 04:17: bingo
  • Mon, 04:17: this formulation of urgency is ploy
  • Mon, 04:20: There's no urgency here. The world and democracy aren't coming to an end. Climate change! We can survive 4 more yea…
  • Mon, 04:21: like labor not keeping track with production
  • Mon, 04:25: Scorpionic America is in perfect alignment. Sanders is not going to save you.
  • Mon, 04:27: Rev Al defends Gayle King, 👋
  • Mon, 04:30: RT @AngelNoMalarkey: Just donated $20 bucks again. The media wants to tank Biden before the South gets a vote to decide. They want to dry…
  • Mon, 04:32: when the media doesn't have your back, thanks
  • Mon, 04:33: 😭
  • Mon, 06:10: correct, amy and yang are not on my do not vote list.
  • Mon, 07:08: RT @brianstelter: "American Factory," a documentary backed by the Obamas, just won best documentary feature, and it's streaming on Netflix:…
  • Mon, 07:09: RT @mikercarpenter: Data from the Iowa caucuses suggest despite his 4th place finish, Biden still may be the best candidate to beat Trump.…
  • Mon, 07:11: RT @mikercarpenter: Want to know what sorts of people Rudy Giuliani is meeting with in Ukraine? Read my piece on the mobbed-up, pro-Russian…
  • Mon, 07:11: RT @mikercarpenter: Senator Graham is wise not to allow his committee to serve as a vehicle for laundering Russian disinformation. And if G…
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