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72/12 corrections

horary astrology considers the time of a query (when the querent asks the question) as primary.

the first thing i do in the morning (or anytime i look at the grid) is look up the current quinary. noticed earlier today that {a} forgot to update a formula from the last cycle omitting summer solstice (ie, astroschyzy report beginning 04-July listed incorrect Bonorum ministers), & {b} incorrect Enochian mandalas listed for the quinaries (the 1st quinary correct but 2nd to 72nd quinaries incorrect; ie, 2nd quinary for the cycle listed AB {ARFOFN AQ=117} : {OR-DRUX}, which should have been HAGONÆL {ARFOFS AQ=124} : {OR-FAM}). both of these have been corrected.

error noticed at 08:55 UT when Bonorum minister ETEVLGL ruling 30th quinary:

Mars-BABALEL (King) :: Bonorum ETEVLGL : 96-77.

[30] 08:47UT ~ ETEVLGL : #96 : ILR {ZERARS AQ=144} : {DON-FAM} : ZUBENELAKRAB (20)

ironically, the 31st G8 summit begins today and the 31st quinary is the first quinary of the day. Zuben al Akrab means the price of the conflict & the tarot assignment i have is Atu XVI Tower. 30th quinary is the fifth house of Scorpio representing Sex, death, the occult, and other hard to grasp topics (Death); first house is traditionally Leo representing Finding joy, pleasure, and creative expression (Children).

note: grid time established by 220 chart where the beginning of a "day" is 12:47:06 UT (factoring daylight savings). one way to think of this is normal time is offset by 12 hours.

96 + 77 = 173 :: AQ 173 = BOLESKINE = YULETIDE. 96 & 77 represent a series of gates similar to the 231 gates of the sepher yetzirah. 96 represents the evoking Enochian current; 77 represents the invoking ABJAD current. today is the New Moon 14CN30 - Sun 14CN30 @ 12:02:289017UT & the current Nitya is Shri Kali Devi.

the 31st quinary (technically, the first quinary of 06-July) begins with Mercury King BNASPOL (mercury represents all forms of communication including the world wide web). the spectral class for Kornephoros is G8 (Sun is G2). tarot is Atu IX Hermit. 31st quinary in sixth house of Sagittarius representing Changes, exploration, breaking of routine (Long Journeys over Water); sixth house is traditionally Virgo representing Work and feeling talented and useful (Servants).

[31] 12:47UT ~ ELGNSEB : #103 : IZED {ZERARF AQ=136} : {DON-OR} : KORNEPHOROS (21)

heads up (ie, got a strong "ping" on this) for 58th quinary falling on 10-July @ 4:47 UT with Atu VIII Adjustment:

[58] Red Vestal Flame ~ LEAORIB : #292 : HAGONÆL {HTISIC AQ=127} : {GON-VEH} : SETHOS

Links: Stellar classification | Kornephoros | Kornephoros | Spectral Classification | Spectral Class | De Heptarchia Mystica | Carmara and Hagonel | Compendium Heptarchiæ Mysticæ

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