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Robert Desoille

About the Possibility of Using the Driven Dream Method in Analytic Psychology

i was wondering where "the silence signifies" came from (lacan?) and reading about all that i remembered this page i saw in 2001. bad translation then & no longer exists now, but i liked the axis idea (haha).

By: Lic. María Martha Huergo
member of the therapy team of the C.G.Jung Foundation of Analytic Psychology

In this work, I aim to investigate the possibility of using the Driven Dream as a method in the therapy of Analytic Psychology. I will begin this work making a small review about the Driven Dream.


Robert Desoille, creator of this method, was born in 1890 and he died in 1966. He studied engineering, but his highest interest was psychology, to which he was devoted creating this method. Their first experience began in 1918, when a person talks him about a dream that had not in spontaneous form but provoked. This dream had been carried out under the Lieutenant Colonel Caslant's directives, with whom Desoille is related beginning to use this technique, but soon after his scientific formation he quickly differs with Caslant, from which he separates. Desoille decides to use this technique in a completely different form and he begins an investigation that it permits him the use of this technique for therapeutic purposes in the psychological investigation.


The Driven Dream consists of two different and complementary parts:

[1] The Dream itself: While During it, is requesting to the patient, who are completely relaxed, that he could get rid to his own imagination creating in this way an imaginary space where he will locate himself and act. This allows us to prioritize the plane of the fantasy, such as Jung suggest. According to Desoille is possible to create..."in some degree of vigil, an oniric state, qualitatively different of the nocturne dream and, like this, are expressed in a symbolic language."

The therapist acts in this part of the Dream in suggesting actions and displacements in the vertical plane. This displacement in the vertical plane, it is say, with ascent and descent movements, causes the production of affective images, existing between both a reciprocal relation, of such way that when one it modify, the other it also do the same. This displacements are a basic factor of the technique, since upon saying Desoille: "Repeated experiences, they have confirmed me..., when a person is putting in a state of passive internal attention, it is enough to suggest it that "go up" or "descend" so that its images could change completely."

[2] The sessions of comments: That they are used for the analysis of the material arisen in the Dream and this way could integrate it with other elements of patient's life. Then If we took the possibility that the images appeared in the Dreams are expressed in a symbolic language and on the other hand we keep in mind the Theory of the Complexes that says that in the complex's base or in it's constellation, are underlying and acting an archetype that it is going to express in the Personal Unconscious through the symbols.

It could used the method of Amplification with the symbols appeared in the Dreams then, taking those to topics linked with mythology, with the stories or with the legends, and it in this way would be possible to detect the acting archetype. Continuing this same line, it would also be possible, the use of the method of the Receptive Wait, since many of the images of the Dreams comes again or arises other convergent symbols, giving an interpretative line that permits the possibility of an explanation by means of two or more meanings so. The use of two or more meanings would put us away of falling in an erroneous interpretation, that would transform the symbols in signs, where he connoted it drain the denoted and it would allow us to work with the symbols in an unyielding level. Both methods, the Amplification and the Receptive Wait, would allow us to transfer the personal symbols appeared in the Dreams to the collective plane. It is say, we could arrive through the Dream to the archetypal.

So what for this would serve us? Although we know that the archetype is a closed system, that have itself, a beginning, a development and an end that it could not change. We also know that it is possible to alter its energetic charge, it is say to decatexiate it. Taking the definition that says that the archetype is a deep plate, in which we could pour any liquid and that the liquid that we are pouring is the symbols.

Then, the following question is taken place: May the images' changes of the Dreams that Desoille mention could have any connection, in the vertical axis, with the decatextisation of the archetypes? Is it say, would the possibility exist of "pouring" different symbols in that archetype? The old term archetype introduced by Jung in the psychology and whose definition is "the adds of all the images accumulated during centuries and that constitutes the common patrimony of the humanity." it Is rejected by Desoille by considering it static and limitative, and he prefers to use a particular notion that it is of "double archetypal chain of representations. "Defining that term like made up of two parts:

A. The archetypal masculine chain, where he includes all that the virile aspect manifest.

B. and the other the "archetypal feminine chain" that it would contain all the feminine aspects.

Now then, Desoille gives us like example of the "masculine chain." " has its starting point in the most archaic representations,...: in first place Satan, after Lucifer....; it arrives to the level of the real, it surpass it and it reach representations of beneficent geniuses in its ascent,... and it culminates in the representation of the Christ God". In same way, the first link of the feminine chain is "Lilith, the female devil, ...,until arriving to the Virgin-Mother." From this point the second question arises me: If we know that the archetypes have double polarity, it won't be this to what it Desoille refers when he talks about "double archetypal chain." Would not he be speaking us about the archetypes of the great Mother and of the Father in their double polarity in these examples?

Lastly and in order to conclude this work, I would like me to refer about the suggestions of ascent and descent, that displacement in the vertical axis in both senses. This responds according to Desoille "to a potent archetype to which is join, firstly, the representation of the sun that ascends and it is falling in the twilight." In the suggestions of ascent or descent many times are proposing , a stairway made with the clouds, a footpath in the mountain, or the use of several forms of stairways or scales. It take me mightily the attention the use of these axial symbols in this ascent and descent movements. According to A.K.Coomaraswamy "..., the Axis of the universe is like a scale for which is made a perpetual upward or descending movement ."

From this relation arise my third and last question: It could tie these axial symbols with what Desoille says: "The well understanding suggestion is one of the conditions that it makes possible the formation of the spirit." These axial symbols used they by Desoille could have relation with the individuation process? If it would be possible that some of the questions that I am investigating would answered in affirmatively, I then I believe would be possible the use of the Driven Dream method in the Psycho-analytic therapy.


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reveille: 1a. The sounding of a bugle early in the morning to awaken and summon people in a camp or garrison. b. This bugle call or its equivalent. c. The first military formation of the day. 2. A signal to get up out of bed. ETYMOLOGY: Alteration of French réveillez, second person pl. imperative of réveiller, to wake, from Old French resveiller : re-, re- + esveiller, to awake (from Vulgar Latin *exvigilare (Latin ex-, ex- + Latin vigilare, to awake, from vigil, awake; see weg- in Appendix I :: To be strong, be lively; Derivatives include watch, vigil, vigilante, vigor, reveille, witch, bewitch, and velocity).


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