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  • Mon, 08:04: The Firefox EU Elections Toolkit helps you to prevent pre-vote online manipulation
  • Mon, 08:17: RT @mozamo: We released Firefox 66.0.4 for Desktop and Android, as well as Firefox 60.6.2 ESR that re-enables extensions. For more informat…
  • Mon, 08:18: RT @firefox: We're rolling out a fix for the issues with add-ons right now! It will automatically be applied, so you don't need to take any…
  • Mon, 11:12: Do you want to know my biggest trigger? It’s headlines like this: “Democrats Consider: Is A White, Straight Man The…
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  • 2014 Solar Conjunctions: Mercury, Fomalhaut, Neptune, Chiron, WQ25

    Sun☌Moon • νόθος Mercury Rx in Pisces/Aquarius: February 6-28, 2014 Mercury Enters Rx Zone 22-Jan-2014 Fomalhaut☌Neptune…

  • νόθος

    Such literary imaginings are fueled by the mystique of the nothos, that distinctly Greek construct of a nonperson who defines what it is…

  • KLIA

    Geodetic Midheaven for KLIA: Cancer 11°41′53″ First Quarter currently @ ♋ 4°19′53″ {105°4′12″ from Sun} Moon ☌ KLIA,…

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