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Tabula Bonorum for cycles #70/10 & #71/11. pages display USNO Master Clock: use current UTC to locate ruling Bonorum Angel. 12:47:06.00 start time based on 220 chart factoring daylight savings for La Puente, California.

heptarchical hierarchy rules days of the week & planets & also associated with Sons of Light & Sons of the Sons of Light on the Sigillum Dei Aemeth. each day of the week includes a set of 49 angels: King, Prince, Five Planetary Cardinals & 42 Ministers. ie, BALIGNON (King Carmara - Venus of Venus) assigned to Friday ruling entire Heptarchy; BALIGNON (Prince Hagonel - Venus of Luna); BORMIFA (Venus of Saturn), BINODAB (Venus of Mercury), BENPAGI (Venus of Jupiter), BERMALE (Venus of Mars), BNAGLOE (Venus of Sol) & 42 Ministers.

(see "The Enochian Magic of Dr. John Dee" by Geoffrey James, Appendix A). the 42 Ministers rule a specific time of day. seven ministers assigned to a 4-hour segment (12AM-4AM, 4AM-8AM, 8AM-12PM, 12PM-4PM, 4PM-8PM, 8PM-12AM). each minister rules approximately 34:17.143 (34 minutes, 17 seconds, 143 milliseconds). i've adjusted start time to La Puente: 13:47.06 UT (5:47.06 PST) & 12:47.06 UT (5:47.06 PDT).

astroschyzy bonorum tables list all ministers for the entire cycle & their evo-invo number pairs. later i'll post a list of the 294 Ministers in order & the evo & invo pairs.

keep in mind the cycle begins at 12:47.06 UT; the actual day begins on the previous day at 23:38:31.72 (20th Minister). check the current day if UTC is after 12:47.06 UT; check previous day if UTC is before 12:47.06 UT. convert to local time once the current minister located.

the UTC time stamp for this post is Fri, 17-June-2005 @ 10:18:03 GMT which means the current minister is the 38th minister for Thursday ASNODBB starting at 09:55:40.29 UT with letter pairs 310/47 falling on the 66th quinary:

[66] 08:47UT ~ BBASNOD : #308 : IZED {FODXDN AQ=129} : {GAL-DRUX} : ALGOL (45)

letter pairs: evo #310 M(15)-Z(8) - invo #47 Q(19)-Z(7)


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