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  • Mon, 02:58: percolating
  • Mon, 03:03: RT @acnewsitics: Donald Trump is: 1) "a billionaire" but you can't see his taxes 2) "a genius" but you can't see his grades 3) "exonerat…
  • Mon, 03:05: Joe sez, you're a big dumbo trumpo
  • Mon, 03:05: welcome to monday!
  • Mon, 03:05: our theme song to start the week: games people play
  • Mon, 03:08: who do you believe more? Trump (somewhere in the twenties) Mueller (somewhere in the sixties)
  • Mon, 03:09: God give us the serenity
  • Mon, 03:11: 29% say Mueller exonerated Trump 61% say Aprils Fools!
  • Mon, 03:14: limitations to white house strategy Americans ain't buying the snake oil
  • Mon, 03:15: i'm thinking, don't piss off the press
Tags: #bezos, #khashoggi, #ripnippseyhussle, twitter

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