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  • Thu, 12:28: RT @cspan: .@RepAdamSchiff: "You might say that's all okay. You might say that's just what you need to do to win, but I don't think it's ok…
  • Thu, 12:31: RT @kylegriffin1: Q: Do you think that you'll see a female president in your lifetime? JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS: I fucking better. Yeah. Via Va…
  • Fri, 03:02: NDP begins our morning.
  • Fri, 03:05: Journalists should be people in whom there is at least a flicker of hope. —Paul Simon
  • Fri, 03:07: It's not impossible for a woman - a Black woman - to become President. —Carol Moseley Braun
  • Fri, 03:07: teeny tiny voice: help me, help me
  • Fri, 03:09: it's friday, we're on a roll
  • Fri, 03:10: a conspiracy is haunting the white house
  • Fri, 03:12: trump playing golf
  • Fri, 03:20: Devin's cow goes moo
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