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  • Fri, 03:44: ah, dual loyalty -- dekonstruct that one
  • Fri, 03:47: You should do what we do, stack chips like Hebrews Don't let the melody intrigue you, 'cause I leave you I'm only h…
  • Fri, 04:03: "otherwise blameless life" smh is the "trope" omar used "all about the benjamins"?
  • Fri, 04:04: hip hop dissent in the congress!
  • Fri, 04:05: say, WHITE vs BLACK defendants during sentencing
  • Fri, 04:05: isn't "white collar" a trope?
  • Fri, 04:07: LOL, no u did not go there. did you have to?
  • Fri, 04:09: oj, innocent of murder. talk about TROPES tamir got shot in the chest? police officer innocent
  • Fri, 04:10: Donald Trump claimed he could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and not "lose any voters."
  • Fri, 04:12: even better! pussy. GRABBING THE PUSSY, my people! "Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything"
Tags: #balanceforbetter, #forthepeople, #hr1, #internationalwomen, #internationalwomensday, #jillspin, #reagan, #russiancollusion, #southernstrategy, twitter

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