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  • Wed, 19:07: RT @Bakari_Sellers: Roger Stone has y’all talking about reviewing use of force guidelines. Not Alton Sterling Not Eric Gardner Not Walter…
  • Wed, 19:46: RT @RepBonnie: Today, I invited Victorina Morales, a constituent, as my guest at the #SOTU, Ms. Morales, an undocumented immigrant, was fir…
  • Wed, 19:47: RT @TUSK81: This is just the latest Trump resort revealed to have been employing undoc immigrants. In December, Victorina Morales, former h…
  • Wed, 19:53: RT @CalNBC: The Catholic Church is taking the US government to court. Unless a judge stops it – the Government will seize this land in Miss…
  • Wed, 19:54: RT @LaikenJordahl: Now that Trump caved on the shutdown, Dems must fight to protect sites in the path of already-funded wall: the National…
  • Thu, 03:01: you're almost there joe!
  • Thu, 03:06: Iran's still drawing between the lines! whoku?
  • Thu, 03:54: flaccid. impotent.
  • Thu, 03:54: limp orange thingy. blob?
  • Thu, 04:03: *resident vaporware #Foxconn
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