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  • Wed, 05:11: RT @RawStory: Fox News’ Shep Smith explains why Trump’s foreign policy went down in flames at today’s Senate Intel hearing
  • Wed, 05:11: RT @Mimirocah1: Sincere ques. based on commentary I’m hearing: Why do people testifying today before Senate Intel need to thread the needle…
  • Wed, 05:14: RT @RealPressSecBot: *#Sponsored* As our founder @HowardSchultz reminds us, extremes are bad & we need to seek the middle. So for #PolarV
  • Wed, 05:14: RT @RealPressSecBot: A statement by the President:
  • Wed, 05:20: RT @ewarren: What's “ridiculous” is billionaires who think they can buy the presidency to keep the system rigged for themselves while oppor…
  • Wed, 05:20: RT @ewarren: The richest tippy-top 0.1% of Americans have nearly as much wealth as the bottom 90%. That’s bad for our economy & our democra…
  • Wed, 05:29: Howard Schultz, exhibit 1111 capitalism is dumb as shit
  • Wed, 05:31: Howard Schultz is really taking Elizabeth Warren personally.
  • Wed, 05:33: Howard Schultz blames the Government, not Capitalism, for all our problems
  • Wed, 05:34: Howard Schultz really really drank Capitalism's kool aid.
  • Wed, 05:36: In America, every Capitalist is a self-made person. Howard Schultz showing his Bootstrap Card
  • Wed, 05:37: Howard Schultz, Ronald Reagan was horrible for African-Americans -- he thinks that's the best republican president
  • Wed, 05:40: We spend more on a single patients than any country in the world--how we going to change that Howard? [WHAT, he mentions his book!!]
  • Wed, 05:41: Howard Schultz is clueless about his "Rags to Riches" story--it's still Capitalism, Howard.
  • Wed, 05:43: Howard Schultz doesn't think Unions are the answer to fixing inequality.
  • Wed, 05:45: Howard Schultz doesn't realize, he's part of the status quo.
  • Wed, 05:46: Oh wait, Howard Schultz is on a book tour. Next!
  • Wed, 05:46: Lizzie Warren's a Socialist! --Howard Schultz
  • Wed, 05:48: Good luck with your book tour, next!
  • Wed, 05:56: another white guy, another book
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    there's a seething sunspot, a close encounter w/ a corkscrew asteroid & a meteorite strike in norway.

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