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  • Tue, 03:16: love it! "It is one thing to propel a presidential campaign off a launch pad and quite another to successfully sen…
  • Tue, 03:20: coastal
  • Tue, 03:27: cover your extremities, coldfiends!
  • Tue, 03:38: Mr White Guy on Morning Joe (not you joe) you don't know what makes someone a "racist". Trump is a racist.
  • Tue, 03:39: is this what's called a fluffer? or am i in the wrong industry
  • Tue, 03:40: good luck on the book tour!
  • Tue, 03:53: good luck on the book tour, next
  • Tue, 03:56: looking at @Morning_Joe lineup to get my "going outside to smoke times" ready
  • Tue, 04:06: time for coffee! good luck with your book tour, next
  • Tue, 04:17: "if you're in trouble, get the best legal team around you" look at OJ!
Tags: #brexit, #frozen, #la, #polarvortex2019, #tuesdaymotivation, #utlastrong, #zerotolerance, twitter

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