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sunspot #777

woke up & saw emerging active region. later, surfing around to see if it got named yet since it seemed likely candidate for sunspot #777. bingo. while i was doing this at work one of my students went to get us something to eat. while we were eating explained to him (mentally asking myself why i was doing this) why a 10% drop-out rate in this city, and this city, and this city, and this city, and this city, and this city is considered "minor" in each city ("minor" used at a recent school meeting). asked if he was bused to school. didn't understand the question. where is your school? (he said this slowly) it's pretty far. you're being bused. ok, this penny is our city and these bits of paper are the high schools all the teens are being bused to. if you add all these minor 10% drop-out rates you have the 60% drop-out rate for our city. he was surprised by the high drop-out rate.

instead of going to the local diner & reading gift book decided to go straight home. shortly afterwards, big sis walks in with chinese wanting to watch Joan of Arcadia (episode: Romancing the Joan). familiar with tv show but never watched it myself. sister describes how god talks to joan, etc. miss most of the show because we're talking but we both manage to shut up when a little girl, sitting in bean bag chair wearing paper crown & um, creative clothing, starts talking. i remembered the illusion bit.

Later, Joan is working, stocking books when she hears a familiar voice.

Little Girl God - And they all lived happily ever after. There's a surprise. You guys really like that ending.
Joan - Yeah, well, you have a better one?
God - They all moved towards spiritual growth and enlightenment?
Joan - Yeah. That's gonna work with the kids.
God - Ever notice that the guy always has to risk his life and the girl is nearly dead when he finds her? It takes a kiss to wake her up, and they ride off together. It's a nice metaphor.
Joan - For what?
God - Death and resurrection.
Joan - Yeah, well, that's a fun party game?
God - It happens all the time. The illusion dies so that something deeper can take its place.
Joan - Are you saying that... Adam and I are an illusion?
God - Romance serves a purpose. It's a meditative state. It puts logic to sleep so that people can come together. Otherwise, you guys probably wouldn't risk it.
Joan - Why did you have to make love so complicated? I mean... couldn't that one thing have been easy?
God - Love is big. It's a bright light in the universe. And a bright light casts a big shadow. So what do you want to do, Joan?
Joan - How am I supposed to know?
God - By looking at it. Real love is hard work. You have to decide if you want it in your story. Or...if you'd rather just stay in the dream.

after the show checked grid to see what was happening when i posted #777. asteroid KLYTAEMNESTRA at ruling quinary. biorhythm critical for 08-June (physical), 09-June (emotional), 10-June (intellectual). Taro Ace of Cups & Six of Cups. #23-AIM & #27-YERETH (YRTh, Dominion; AIM Appears as a very handsome Man with three Heads: the first, like a Serpent, the second like a Man having two Stars on his Forehead, the third like a Calf & YERETH Protects against unjust acts, confounding one's enemies, dominates civilization, influences peace). Duke of Edom TEMAN (Id; South). Second Aethyr ARN. Enochian Sun King RAAGIOSL (He whose hands are toward the East), Kerubic Archangel ADOPA (Air of Fire). Tattva "Tasting" & 91 Parts DOAGNIS (She who comes without a name) & PACASNA (She who is unchanged by time).

wanted to know what illusion of mine needed to die. used a silver half dollar my grandfather gave me & received hexagram 50 changing to hexagram 44.

23 + 27 = 50. AQ 50 = AIM = DEAD = END = I AM = KU. AQ 44 = ABAD = AY = EU = IQ = LAD = OK.


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