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quinaries & timezones

got turned about with timezones yesterday.

La Puente 220 chart time is 5:47:06AM Pacific Standard Time on 20-Feb-2003. La Puente located in California in Pacific Time Zone; Standard time zone UTC/GMT -8 hours and during Daylight saving time (DST) offset from GMT by +1 hour (UTC/GMT -7 hours).

currently, La Puente is on Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on UTC -7 from 03-April to 29-October.

zodiac quinary = 5° & zodiac house = 30°. each quinary associated with Bonorum King & Prince (indicating day of the week) & their 42 Ministers divided into six 4-hour segements. these segments oriented to a natal chart (ie, 220 chart) where first time segment begins on the chart time (ie, 5:47:06AM or 13:47:06UT). when La Puente is on DST start time changes to 4:47:06 AM LOCAL TIME and 12:37:06 UNIVERSAL TIME (currently that's 5:37:06AM in La Puente). which is what was confusing me so much & i'm still sorting this out.

additionally, the grid i use has 12 houses listing all quinaries (72 quinaries = ShemhaMephoresh). each house represents 24 hours or 360° (4-hour segment x 6 quinaries = 24 hours). a zodiac house = a day & 12 days = a cycle (or "week"). therefore, the grid describes two time scales: One Day (One House) where a quinary = 60° = 4-hours; and 12 days (12 Houses, or Zodiac Wheel) where a quinary = 5° = 4-hours. (ie, 4-hours in a DAY vs. 4-hours in a WEEK; a day = 24 hours and a 12-day week = 288 hours).

example. for astroschyzy year one, cycle 1/1 from 20-Feb-2003 to 03-Mar-2003, the natal chart can be viewed as the entire 12-day cycle where natal sun {01PI30} is on 49th Quinary ruled by goëtic demon FURFUR & angelica LEKAB with Pisces in 8th House. however, since the first day of the grid is actually 20-Feb the entire natal chart is also the first house of cancer with can-leo on first quinary, vir-lib on 2nd, sco-sag on 3rd, cap-aqu on 4th, pis-ari on 5th, tau-gem on 6th. in Cancer natal sun is on 5th Quinary ruled by SITRI/MELAH.

this makes transits kinda interesting. the sun is currently transiting in gemini on the 70th Quinary (12th house, Gemini). however, 09-June falls on the 4th House (Libra).

incredibly confusing keeping track of all of this. i do need to change astroschyzy 4-hour segments from 13:47:06UT to 12:47:06UT to reflect time zone change. before i did this needed to unconfuse self. that means quinaries for 19-June need to change too.


Hyperstition's birth time (established by first post; 16-Jun-2004 post backdated) is 2:30AM BST (1:30 UT) falls on (this year) the 2nd House (Leo) on 4th Quinary (by house, or 10th out of 72):

[07] 12:47:06UT ~ EILOMFO : #353 : STIMCUL {EZARAQ AQ=129} : {UN-GER} : TALITHA (5)
[08] 16:47:06UT ~ NEOTPTA : #354 : ESEMELI {EZARAN AQ=124} : {UN-DRUX} : GALATEA
[09] 20:47:06UT ~ SAGACIY : #355 : AB {EZARAX AQ=132} : {UN-PAL} : DJYNXX {6::3}
[10] Red Vestal Flame ~ ONEDPON : #356 : IZED {EZARAO AQ=128} : {UN-MED} : DUBHE (7)
[11] 04:47:06UT ~ NOONMAN : #357 : MADIMI {EZARAR AQ=127} : {UN-DON} : ORCUS
[12] 08:47:06UT ~ ETEVLGL : #358 : S {EZARAZ AQ=132} : {UN-CEPH} : REGULUS (9)

still sorting all of this out. keeping in mind a DATE is the simplest (ha!) way to locate an event on the grid (describing transits). ie, next year Hyperstition's birthday falls in a different house — however, Hyperstition's natal sun (28GE06) is always on the grid's 12th House on the final quinary.

vestal flames refer to holy hexagram (see: The Elephant & The Tortoise & The Way to Succeed -- and the Way to Suck Eggs!) (more loshu, i think).


3:29PM PDT / 09-June


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