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  • Wed, 04:51: THE DEMOCRATIC AGENDA! commercial
  • Wed, 04:52: Me & Drew are wondering: fly or drive?
  • Wed, 05:37: The Resilience of Myth: The Politics of the American Dream, John Archer, 2014,
  • Wed, 05:41: The middle class is the engine of the American Dream
  • Wed, 05:42: a black forest gump? stop! who is this grey to black fellow?
  • Wed, 05:44: Only in America! "growing up a gay Evangelical Christian in subsidized housing in Dallas, with his parents largely…
  • Wed, 05:48: IOW, the middle class actually stops the uncertainty of untethered forward momentum
  • Wed, 06:10: As far as location, Facebook's the USC of tech companies Onward, trojan horses!
  • Wed, 06:12: Facebook got more colored people outside than inside
  • Wed, 06:18: Why the wealth of Facebook does not make Americans wealthy, or healthy or happy or wise
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