northanger (northanger) wrote,

Natal Nakshatras


still need to work on Nakshatra descriptions & stars. added hypothetical 28th nakshatra ABHIJIT (Capricorn 6.40° to 10°53'20") between 21st & 22nd nakshatras UTTARASHADHA & SHRAVANA. need to update this for astroschyzy.

there are 28 ABJAD shields (based on the 28 letters). one way to install this on the Numogram is using 28 Nakshatras. zodiac lies on ecliptic plane; Zones describing our local system (by assigning "area codes"?) — hmm, stargate.

locate your Moon (or Sun, Ascendant or whatever) by locating it on the list. ie, if your Moon is 03CN19 then your nakshatra is PUNARVASU {03CN19}. 03CN20 is PUSHYA.

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