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  • Mon, 04:24: ah! i got it Yes, Democrats are kinda passive-aggressive. We angry, we Vote.
  • Mon, 04:37: Mom's scream stayed in my ears for a long time -- she's doing a victim impact statement that needs to get to the go…
  • Mon, 04:38: trump is to politics as banks are to trump
  • Mon, 04:44: Hillary is like Patton
  • Mon, 04:47: Ask Russia where the 2016 votes came from.
  • Mon, 04:50: T-minus whatever, and the space shuttle is upright, ready for launch.
  • Mon, 05:19: coffee, check sugar, check nicotine, check simcity buildit!
  • Mon, 05:20: who does kornacki's hair?
  • Mon, 05:21: RT @NATOpress: Women of #TridentJuncture: a 🇳🇴 mechanic preparing tyres for winter conditions, a 🇸🇮 soldier with a 🇳🇴 colleague, a 🇸🇪 plane…
  • Mon, 05:22: that was weird, everybody behind trump focused on something else. #gogillum!
Tags: #freemika, #german, #gogillum, #nato, #polish, #t72, #tridentjun, #tridentjuncture, twitter

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