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220 list

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Hyperstition's SUN tight conjunct (all Gemini 28°) KEET SEEL, LACHESIS & POLARIS. LACHESIS one of the Three Moirae & "Drawer of Lots (The Middle)". antisica for Hyperstition's EROS {25AR32} is KLOTHO {03VI06Rx} "The Spinner (Beginnings)". antisica for ATROPOS {23VI37Rx} "The Cutter (Endings)" is TRUE APOGEE (Black Moon) {05AR41}. Hyperstition's Eros = Begin, Sun = Middle, Black Moon = End (also see any lunar point).

Hyperstition's MOON conjunct TRUE SUN APOGEE & SIRIUS at first gate (Yildun) representing Materia prima, Hyle, Chaos. first EON phase is pure potential & SKOODU is "The Fashioner" & GOLD {18GE47} is his element because Moon's antiscia is Gemini 18º41'51" (ISIS at 18GE33). GUTEMBERGA & SILVER at 28th gate PEACOCK (TUKUTU : Cosmotraumatics; 22nd Path - ATU VIII ADJUSTMENT, etc). 220 chart's FORTUNA at 27th path ATU XIV ART (alchemical?).

Hyperstition's GUTEMBERGA at 38th Gate DENEB KAITOS (in China Too Sze Kung, "Superintendent of Earthworks") — GUTEMBERGA in ZONE :: THREE {Earth}.

Hyperstition's ASCENDANT 13TA16 tight conjunct with WHITE MOON {13TA36}, 43rd gate CIH {13TA58} & OSIRIS {13TA59}. EON phase #32 Embodiment, Agent of Transformation, Unique Aspect, Modulating. Russian astrologers more familiar with White Moon (Selena); my old keywords:

WHITE MOON. Positive counterpart to Black Moon. "Invisible spiritual support in life which must be nourished (by sign and house) in order that the effect of a shagreen leather does not emerge". Imaginary point; completes a cycle in 7 years. SHAGREEN: Rough hide of a shark or ray, covered with numerous bony denticles and used as an abrasive and as leather; used to smooth and polish things. It was thought "chagrin" came from "shagreen"; in French the word for shagreen was extended to the notion of troubles that fret and annoy a person. French chagrin, sagrin, from Turkish sairi, crupper, leather. ++ BLACK MOON (Lilith-Tantric Archetype) energy vortex cutting through illusion; Asteroid Lilith initiates - Black Moon completes; its symbolism is succubi and incubi. Represents self-centered illusions for the purpose of purging negative desires leading to deeper inner truths; She insists that we feel through, let go, and surrender to something essential and transparent in us that is primary & primal. ++ Qlippotic, split-off, demonized aspects of the feminine.

TRUE APOGEE = BLACK MOON. Hyperstition's GUTEMBERGA {13AR56} conjuncts 220 TRUE APOGEE {05AR41} — same gate, different paths. 220 Black Moon dealing with Congruency & Crisis of Meaning. Hyperstition's GUTEMBERGA is Emergent Paradigm.

Hyperstition's FORTUNA, EROS & GUTEMBERGA in Ceres Point. FORTUNA conjunct BABYLON (IRAQ) in EON PHASE #30 (Application, Authentic Participation, Greater Whole, Serving). have no idea what "After Babylon" means. but here are your Aquassassins (Black-Atlantis).


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