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ack. i've got to finish the 220 list (add more asteroids). run ephemerides for everything on the list to keep updating astroschyzy. work on astroschyzy #71/11 since Hyperstition's b-day is on that cycle.

note: while working on the grid plugging in 72 stars/asteroids for the quinaries i had some gaps to fill. added DON QUIXOTE, ORCUS & 1999 XS35 & need to update 220 list to include these.

ORCUS & XS35 look heavy-duty:

ORCUS. God of the Underworld, Punisher of Broken Oaths; 90482 Orcus - Kuiper Belt object discovered 17-Feb-2004, unconfirmed diameter of 1600km makes Orcus largest known minor planet; Francesco Schiavinotto keywords ~ Global Hazard - Diseased World - Dying World - Poisoned Ecosystems - Desertification - Silent Apocalypse - Environmental Collapse - Blind Minds and their Consequences - Man's Self-Destruction - Forgotten/Offended Nature - Planetary Rebellion - The Fall of Similitudes with a Terrestrial Paradise - Betrayals from a Betrayed Nature - Alienated Behaviours versus Natural Laws - Massive extermination - Worldwide Drying - Large-Scale Erosiveness - Failed Competition for Survival - Invasiveness - Fight for Survival - Intrusions in Stranger Environments - Endeavors Aimed Towards the Boundary of the Achievable.

1999 XS35. Earth-crosser asteroids; Apollo asteroid (Near-Earth Asteroid named after 1862 Apollo); "Whatever the proportion of the impact hazard, though, the discovery of 1999 XS35 does add another consideration into the pot. It also indicates that there are things we have yet to understand. [...] If 1999 XS35 were such a comet-derived beast, then one might imagine that, given the way that a typical comet (if there is such a thing) behaves, then the solitary known object 1999 XS35 might not be the only one in that orbit. It might have 10 or 100 siblings from earlier disintegrations. And all of them would have orbits passing very close by the Earth. Thus the physical nature of 1999 XS35 would be a very useful thing to know. Do we?" —Duncan Steel, 06-Sep-2000.

i'm going to work on birthday stars the rest of the night.


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