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via combusta

The Sun is fallen in Libra and the Moon is fallen in Scorpio (more...). A planet is fallen when it appears opposite the sign of its exaltation. IE, The Sun is exalted in Mars and the Moon is exalted in Taurus. Via Combusta ranges from Libra 15º to Scorpio 15º (contrast this with Libra 14º to Scorpio 14º mentioned in The Magus). Some say Via Combusta is like a Mars-Uranus conjunction. Check Benjamin Rowe's INRI Formula for some ideas on how to consider and use Via Combusta.

Links: Essential and Accidental Dignity | The Minor Adept Formula of the A.'.A.'.: | Nu Altar Stains | What's to Consider?

The Moon entered Via Combusta (Libra 15º ) today at 12:42:402947 UT and exits Via Combusta (Scorpio 15º ) on 09-December at 16:38:306148 UT.

[07 Dec 2004|10:41pm]

The heart, I think, of Via Combusta is when the Moon is at Scorpio Zero. The Moon will be at 00Sc00 on 08-December at 14:43:341928 UT. The Moon will be 119º from Yildun in Phase 12: Maturation, Cosmic Intent, Higher Spin, Catalyzing.


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