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i think i met my spiritual twin today.

unfortunately, howard cosell isn't giving play-by-play commentary watching me untangle mental, useless conundrums. no superbowl rings figuring out abjad letter pairs. but it's nice, every once in awhile, getting any type of feedback. walking into work today i immediately saw Eagle sitting way in the back & went straight to her, not stopping to drop off my briefcase. we talked for two and half hours.

i met Eagle before. she's the "mop" site mentioned previously. because i come from a christian family (brother went to seminary) & been a member of a church involved in prison ministry ("cross & the switchblade" fame) — i thought i already understood Eagle's ministry. found out today i didn't understand a thing.

procrastination, ennui & paralysis. that's what i was thinking working on fixing css problems on her site. what should have taken me a DAY took me several weeks (months!) to fix. it recently went live. less than a week later Eagle calls saying someone out of state saw her website & wanted to get involved. she needed help writing stuff & M set her up with one of his journalism interns. fortunately the intern had a final today because Eagle really wanted to talk with me. she told me she cried after meeting me that first time. web design involves understanding your client & what they're trying to achieve. i think Eagle appreciated the listening i provided.

ah.....what word can i use? mystic? yeah. i called her one. she has dreams & visions & i took notes & quizzed her as she described her (extremely synchronistic) path to her prison ministry. words spilling out of her mouth excitedly because she wanted to share so much. gosh ... telling me about walking down the hall as these guys were SHOWERING and i'm going whoa! how did that happen? a woman walking down the hall with naked prisoners showering? the chaplain really wanted to test her commitment and threw everything he could at her: crazy guys, rapists, muderers, guys shackled to chairs, guys who — if you knew what the did to get where they did — would turn your stomach in disgust.

there were times Eagle said "i don't know" when i asked her questions concerning her visions & mystical experience. if you never really talk about it it's hard to talk about. there we were holding hands asking each other extremely personal questions. speaking in shorthand. i talked about myself finally: magic, demons, crystals, astrology. Eagle had me stuttering "i don't know" when she asked if i had visions through my third eye when dealing with demons. huh? and that the "third eye" is mentioned in the bible. huh? what about aries? (i have her birth data, lol).

shared experience. shifts being in the world tonight.


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