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784 letter pairs - color coding

784 letter pairs

• red diagonals = 9-sum combos (Nine-Sorcery; four szygies & their twins)
• green cells (or green on blue) = double nines
• light purple = ABJAD codes for the Face
• dark purle = ABJAD codes for the Back
• fuschia cells = red cells intersecting ABJAD Codes

most interesting characteristics of this pattern {1} four Zone2 + Zone7 pairs intersecting redline: two B(2)-O(7) on the Face, two O(7)-B(2) on the back; {2} three (5)-(4) / (4)-(5) cross-overs with two double-letter pairs (4)-(4) & (5)-(5); and, {3} two cross-overs (one each) on ABJAD Codes diagonal involving 6::3 & 7::2 syzygies & their twins. interesting that the central cross-over involves the 5::4 syzygy.

ps: made changes to original abjad post earlier today. mostly corrections. another interesting item (if i counted correctly): there are nine (9)-(9) pairs. six on the red diagonals, three on the single blue diagonal.

gematria monkey post on 784 gematria.


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