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  • Mon, 18:05: we are now all immune from political prejudice. yai!
  • Mon, 18:10: "therefore no entity of the Federal Government can use the attorney-client privilege to avoid complying with a subp…
  • Mon, 18:11: RT @CecileRichards: Last year, Brett Kavanaugh ruled against a young, undocumented woman’s ability to access an abortion. His ruling delaye…
  • Mon, 18:13: RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh for his #ScotusPick Below is the tweet I made 9 hours ago. This pick was…
  • Mon, 18:14: RT @cmclymer: I'm a transgender person in the United States. Tonight, I get to watch *some* reporters and pundits gleefully gossip about Tr…
  • Mon, 18:15: you will not be a supreme court justice, ever
  • Mon, 18:20:
  • Mon, 18:22: RT @KaraCalavera: As much as I love that Billy Dee Williams is trending for this reason, there was a part of me that hoped he'd just been n…
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