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astroschizy VOC & moon phases still PDT. see Felissa Rose's VOC Moon Tables or Lunar Living's Moon Calendar — both US eastern time zones; Lunar Living's Daily Transits (plus more) & various USNO Data Services.

20-February-2005 natal chart time is 13:47:06 UT for La Puente, California USA approximately 15 miles from Los Angeles. DST for Los Angeles began Sunday, 03-April-2005 at 2:00 AM local standard time ending Sunday, 30-October-2005 at 2:00 AM local daylight time. Biorhythms generated by Dynamic Biorhythms.

"Sunrise 5:44AM" indicates current sunrise for La Puente. SIRIUS (2) - 2 indicates SIRIUS is the the 2nd of the 49 Gates. Enochian info discussed previously, however, i'll plop a table of the enochian ministers somewhere. but they may be replaced with ABJAD gates as soon as i can work those out.


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