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astroschizy for Thursday, 02-June-2005

Thursday, 02-June-2005 • 0:00AM • Sunrise 5:41AM • Waning Last Quarter Moon 20AR25 at 21% Illum / 24 Days • 10:25PM«»11:21 PM • Biorhythm :: P 97%, E -00%, I 99% • BYNEPOR :: Butmono / Jovis

4:47AM ~ Minister BBARNFL : Gate #395 : ILR {FODXDE AQ=115} : {GAL-GRAPH} : Grid Star FOMALHAUT
8:47AM ~ Minister BBAIGAO : Gate #396 : DMAL {FODXDM AQ=123} : {GAL-TAL} : Grid Star EGERIA
12:47PM ~ Minister BBALPAE : Gate #397 : HEEOA {FODXDI AQ=123} : {GAL-GON} : Grid Star PALLAS
4:47PM ~ Minister BBANIFG : Gate #398 : BEIGIA {FODXDH AQ=121} : {GAL-NA} : Grid Star C/2002 X5 (Comet Kudo-Fujikawa)
8:47PM ~ Minister BBOSNIA : Gate #399 : STIMCUL {FODXDL AQ=126} : {GAL-UR} : Grid Star MARKAB
12:47AM ~ Minister BBASNOD : Gate #400 : ESEMELI {FODXDP AQ=128} : {GAL-MALS} : Grid Star SCHEAT

Aries in Tenth House ‡ Career, social stature, and destiny (Career) § SUNRISE–5:41AM • GATES–#401-406 • Sahasrara (Crown) • #1-Dvadasï (Vijaya) #2-Sukarma-(G) #3-Kaulava; #4-E/F (parasol); #5-[KRITTIKA] ~ (Star of Fire; Razor/Cutter) {Aries 26º40 to Taurus 10º :: Lord Sun}—Ruler Agni, God of Sacred Fire. Dahana Shakti (power to burn): HEAT + LIGHT = PURIFICATION • Water-Queen-Mem :: SATTVA (Calm, lucidity, balance) : Salt (Catalyst) : Typhon ~ Bhuloka–(Dev 6P-9P) ~ Kham[9]::Zin[1] ¥ Balsamic Moon 27AR36 @ 6:54:511557PM PDT (01:54:511557 UT).

Star of the Axe (aka the Star of Fire). Astronomical constellation: Alcyone 2 (Pleiades). This star cluster represents physical and creative force, or the energy to achieve greatness. Krittika conveys ideas pertaining to: commander, fighter, foster mother, luster, glow of power; famous, fame; monumental deeds.

VIJAYA. She brings victory in battle and success in buying and selling, hence her name, Victorious. According to Nityotsava, her vidya mantra is Aim Hrim Shrim Bha Ma Ra Ya Aum Aim Vijaya Nitya Shri Padukam Pujayami Tarpayami Namah. According to the DS she has one head and 10 arms and wears a garland of human skulls but the dhyana or meditation image in the Tantraraja differs from this. There she has five heads and 10 arms which hold conch, noose, shield, bow, white lily, discus, goad, arrows and lemon.


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