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astroschizy for Wednesday, 01-June-2005

Wednesday, 01-June-2005 • 2:00PM • Sunrise 5:41AM • Waning Last Quarter Moon 07AR07 at 30% Illum / 23 Days • No VOC • Biorhythm :: P 88%, E -97%, I 97% • BNASPOL :: Blisdon / Mercurii

4:47AM ~ Minister ELGNSEB : Gate #389 : EL {ARFOFG AQ=115} : {OR-GED} : Grid Star LUCIFER
8:47AM ~ Minister NLINZVB : Gate #390 : ILEMESE {ARFOFD AQ=109} : {OR-GAL} : Grid Star SKYTEL
12:47PM ~ Minister SFAMLLB : Gate #391 : LEVANÆL {ARFOFF AQ=109} : {OR-OR} : Grid Star UTTUNUL
Blue Vestal Flame ~ Minister OOGOSRS : Gate #392 : AVE {BP?L?Z AQ=93} : {A-BAI-CEPH} : Grid Star DAMOCLES
8:47PM ~ Minister NRPCRRB : Gate #393 : I {FODXDF AQ=122} : {GAL-OR} : Grid Star COMET NEAT
12:47AM ~ Minister ergdbab : Gate #394 : IH {FODXDA AQ=116} : {GAL-UN} : Grid Star HORUS

Aquarius in Eighth House ‡ Changes, exploration, breaking of routine (Long Journeys Over Water) § SUNRISE–5:41AM • GATES–#389-394 • Anahata (Heart) • #1-Dasamï (Nitya) #2-Shobhana-(G) #3-Vanija; #4-Wa/Wi (death/lord); #5-[ASHVINI] ~ (Star of Transport; The Horsemen [Horses Head]) {Aries 00º to 13º20 :: Lord Ketu}—Ruler Ashwins, Twin Horsemen who are forces of Prana, quick to aid, energize, initiate new activity. Shidhra Vyapani Shakti (power to quickly reach things): SICKNESS + MEDICINE = HEALING • Fire-Knight-Shin :: RAJAS (Activity, Energy, Desire, Fire) : Sulphur (Activity, Energy) : Sphinx ~ Devaloka ~ Dwa[7]::Kham[3].

Star of transport. Astronomical constellation: Beta Arietis (SHERATAN). This star cluster conveys ideas pertaining to: nose, smell, transportation; physician, healer; giving marvelous aid, bringing treasures to man. Asvini confers physical attractiveness, happiness, a bright mind, confidence, intelligence, discrimination, love of travel and spiritual striving.

NITYA. The Kalpasutra's version of Nitya Nitya's mantra runs Ha Sa Ka La Ra Daim Ha Sa Ka La Ra Dim Ha Sa Ka La Ra Dauh Nitya Nitya Shri Padukam Pujayami Tarpayami Namah. The Tantraraja describes her as like the dawn sun, ruling the Shaktis of the bodily dhatus (Dakini, Shakini, Rakini &c), dressed in red clothes and wearing rubies. She has three eyes and 12 arms and holds in her hands noose, white lotus, sugar cane bow, shield, trident, and favour mudra, goad, book, flowering arrows, sword, skull, mudra dispelling fear.


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