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this is what i usually put in my journal header (probabaly a ton of mistakes still):

12:47AM to 4:47AM (Galactic Core) • Star Cycle #3 :: 69/9 • Thelemic Cycle #101 :: 3045/15 • Monday, 30-May-04 • 2:44AM • Sunrise 5:42AM • Last Quarter Moon 09PI44 at 52% Illum / 21 Days • No VOC • Bio :: P 51%, E -78%, I 81% • BLUMAZA :: Bralges / Lunæ • Minister LNANAEB : Current Gate #372 : ILR {ARFOFM AQ=116} : {OR-TAL}. note: AQ=116 is the SDA name reduction (representing a zone on the sda) + all letters associated with the current mandala.

Sagittarius in Sixth House ‡ Work and feeling talented and useful (Servants) § SUNRISE–5:42AM • GATES–#377-382 • Sahasrara (Crown) • #1-Astamï (Tvarita) #2-Ayushmat-(B) #3-Valava; #4-Wa/Wa (elephant); #5-[UTTARABHADRAPADA] ~ (Burning Pair--Latter) {Pisces 3º20 to 16º40 :: Lord Saturn}—Ruler Ahir Budhnya, Serpent of Atmospheric Depths blesses world with beneficent rain; grants growth and prosperity in a broad way. Varshodyamana Shakti (power is bringing rain): RAIN CLOUDS + GROWTH = STABILITY OF 3 WORLDS • Air-Prince-Aleph :: TAMAS (Slothful Darkness) : Mercury (Power of Transmission) : Hermanubis ~ Devaloka ~ Li[5]::Dwa[5] ¥ Last 07PI30 @ 4:47AM PDT; Memorial Day.

The second (uttara) scorching pair. Astronomical constellation: Gamma Pegasi (ALGENIB). Uttaraprostapada (also known as Uttarabhadrapada) conveys the ideas of: power to restrain anger; protecting and caring for others; long journeys, renunciation, wisdom, knowledge. It confers wit, eloquent speech, prowess, virtue, self-control, happiness and fondness for children.

pancha means "five" in Sanskrit — so of course i think panchangam fits with pentagrams. i'm using Kālacakra Calendar by Edward Henning to plug in the basic data, adding Tithi's & inter-world communication (Bhuloka, Devaloka, Sivaloka & Subha Sivaloka) from Kadavul Hindu Panchangam (double-checking Tithi's using Panchangam by Excellent).

i've used the Kālacakra Calendar since January 2003 (no impowerments), but started using Kadavul Hindu Panchangam & Vaisnava Calendar Program last year. debated (tried & tore up several times) which one to use finally deciding on the Kālacakra Calendar.

Brief key (more later) : 12:47AM to 4:47AM is the current 4-hour segment & Galactic Core represents the natal point for the current quinary. Star Cycle #3 :: 69/9 means the third year from 20-Feb-2003, 69 is the number of weekly cycles & this is the 9th cycle (out of 30) for the year (25-May-05 to 05-Jun-05). Thelemic Cycle #101 :: 3045/15 means the 101st year from 08-Apr-1904, the 3045th weekly cycle & 15 is the current cycle (22-May-05 to 02-Jun-05). #1 Tithi (Fifteen Nityas for Shukla Paksha  bright fortnight  w/ Maha Tripura Sundari as Full Moon; Kali Nityas for Krishna Paksha  dark fortnight  w/ Shri Kalika Devi as New Moon), #2 (Yoga : B=Bad; G=Good), #3 (Karana), #4 (Element Pair for Weekday & Lunar Mansion) & #5 (Naçatra). more descriptive Kālacakra info & Devaloka & inter-communicaton between the Three Worlds.

first learned about Kālacakra prior to the HH Dalai Lama's Kalachakra Initiation in Graz, Austria October 11-23, 2002. btw, here are excellent graphics of the mandala, mantra & deities Kalachakra & Vishvamata & a 3D view of the mandala (avi) from the Graz site. Jhado Rinpoche's Introduction to Kalachakra & Questions & Answers helpful & informative.

Kalachakra tantra, deity & mandala called "Time Machine". KALA = TIME + CHAKRA = WHEEL. KALACHAKRA TANTRA = LIBER AL VEL LEGIS. links to time mechanisms (Antikythera, Astrolabe, Astronomical clock, Armillary sphere, Category:Clocks), various astro-time concepts (chronopolytics, Tibetan Astro Sciences, Comselha & Circle City, Godzilla Meets E.T Part 1 & Part 2) & mandalas (PEOAL, Kalachakra, Jacob's Wheel).

along the way found a calculator to figure out birth stars & will add these to 220 list


I am the Voice that appeared through my Thought, for I am 'He who is syzygetic' since I am called 'the Thought of the Invisible One'. Since I am called 'the unchanging Speech', I am called 'She who is syzygetic'Trimorphic Protennoia


originally thought of removing enochian gate stuff & replacing with numogram stuff. however, while finalizing calendar realized pentagram could connect to 93-Current using enochian gates while the Nine Numbers can connect to the numogram — how this stuff (Li[5]::Dwa[5]) is used. but first some nummy notes...

mouse over this image map of the numogram to see three types of info:

{1} Zones: 0 (0+9=9), 1 (1+8=9), 2 (2+7=9), 3 (3+6=9), 4 (4+5=9), 5 (5+4=9), 6 (6+3=9), 7 (7+2=9), 8 (8+1=9), 9 (9+0=9).

{2} Gates: Gt-00 (null), Gt-01 (0+1=1), Gt-03 (0+1+2=3), Gt-06 (0+1+2+3=6), Gt-10 (0+1+2+3+4=10, 1+0=1), Gt-15 (0+1+2+3+4+5=15, 1+5=6), Gt-21 (0+1+2+3+4+5+6=21, 2+1=3), Gt-28 (0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28, 2+8=10, 1+0=1), Gt-36 (0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36, 3+6=9), Gt-45 (0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45, 4+5=9).

{3} Currents: 9::0 (9-0=9), 8::1 (8-1=7), 7::2 (7-2=5), 6::3 (6-3=3), 5::4 (5-4=1).

of the five syzygetic demons two are Syzygetic Xenodemons representing the Warp (Djynxx) & the Plex (Uttunul); xeno means alien, strange, stranger & in this case, all xenodemons (there are 4 Chaotic Xenodemons) reside outside the Time-Circuit in zones 3, 6 & 9.

the Time-Circuit involves the triadic currents of the Syzygetic Chronodemons: Sink (5-4=1, Kattak), Hold (7-2=5, Oddubb) & Surge (8-1=7, Murrumur).

after making self woozy looking at all this realized (by then i found the Zone 4 lobby & sat down to catch my breath) there's an endless set of possibilites with the numogram. it wasn't until the calendric dust settled finally figuring out Lunar & Solar Nine Numbers on Kālacakra Calendar can be paired together. sometimes pairs correspond to Mesh numbers or one of the five syzygies. 5+5 is the game of decadence.

Links: Basics of Panchanga | Tibetan Astro-Science Intro | The Berzin Archives | International Kalachakra Network | Kalachakra for World Peace, Graz 2002 | The Kalachakra Mandala | Kalachakra Needlepoint by Jan Haag | Shambhala | Chart of Elements | Holy Wars in Buddhism and Islam: The Myth of Shambhala | Kalachakra Gallery | Sand Mandala | Sources of THE SECRET DOCTRINE | Kalachakra @ wikipedia | Explanation of Kalachakra Mandala | Secret of the Vajra World : The Tantirc Buddhism of Tibet | The Shadow of the Dalai Lama: Sexuality, Magic and Politics in Tibetan Buddhism | American Buddha | Dharmapala Thanhgka Centre | Kālacakra (Edward Henning) | Buddhism and Islam | Ritual, Magick & How Pagans will Save the World | Process in the Symbolic Re-Creation of the World | The New Aeon: A Consideration of the Astrological Symbolism | The Book of the Archer | Ored Dhagia: The Infinite Ways | Tibetan Astrology | The Mandala - Sacred Geometry and Art | Vajrayana | A-Yu Khadro | Rudiments of Nine Star Ki Astrology


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