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  • Mon, 12:18: RT @raymondbraun: Today, we honor Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office in the USA. Milk was assassinated 39 years…
  • Mon, 12:18: RT @splcenter: The battle for control of the @CFPB is putting the fate of the agency on the line. The #CFPB protects consumers from predato…
  • Mon, 12:18: RT @ddiamond: Where Senate GOP stands on tax bill Ron Johnson: ❌ Steve Daines: ❌ Murkowski: 🤔 Lankford: ☹️ McCain: 🤔 Collins: 😡 Corker: ☹️…
  • Mon, 12:22: RT @indivisible5al: Had the best discussion with these young men. They knew all about the 16th St bombing and made their parents in 4 diffe…
  • Mon, 22:18: RT @jh_swanson: On August 20, 1939, the New York Times wrote an article profiling Hitler's daily life in his mountain chalet, featuring suc…
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