northanger (northanger) wrote,

chart progression

Progression is the general term applied to any method of advancing the planets and house cusps of a natal horoscope to a particular time after birth. This function calculates a series of comparisons between the active chart and a regular progression. The totals of negative and positive points, and their sum, are displayed for each date. {source|previsions}

the 220 list is the first of two components i use in my astro system. first (represented by the 220 list) is a birth chart for an event or person. second is "the grid" or the 72 quinaries of the zodiac defining all correspondences (tarot, enochian, runic, tattva, etc) aligned to the date of the birth chart. i "progress" the chart by defining 12-day chunks not counting solstices or equinoxes. ie, 20-Feb-2003 was a Thursday ruled by Jupiter (Kattak's zone five) & the 68th 12-day cycle from that date is 13-May-2005 to 24-May-2005 (today is the tenth day of the current 220 cycle).


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