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  • Wed, 22:32: RT @nke_ise: If you have ever had a problem grasping the importance of diversity in tech and its impact on society, watch this video https:…
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  • What time is it?

    On the back of a hundred-dollar bill is an etching of Independence Hall, based on a painting done in the 1780s… The artist was…

  • Regulus enters Virgo

    Regulus entered Virgo on 26-Nov-2011 at 14:01:04 UT Los Angeles: 6:01:04 a.m. [8h west, Standard Time] chart • throne index •…

  • flower moon occults antares

    @ LUNAR OCCULTATION: Tonight, May 23rd, the full moon is going to glide in front of the bright red star Antares. Astronomers…

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