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The texts published in this IB were mostly written soon after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the northeast part of the United States. I include in Section 13.1 an announcement of three new names of minor planets that the Committee on Small Bodies Nomenclature has unanimously decided upon after these tragic events, honouring compassion, solidarity and magnanimity, and which I personally endorse. —Hans Rickman, General Secretary, IAU Information Bulletin, IB 90, January 2002 (pdf)


13.1. Three Special Minor Planet Names

The minor planet circulars that were issued on 2 October 2001 contained the following names and citations for three minor planets discovered at observatories on three continents, intended as a positive statement abhorring the tragedy that occurred on a fourth.

(8990) Compassion = 1980 DN

Discovered 1980 Feb. 19 at the Klet Observatory. Named by the Committee for Small-Body Nomenclature to honor the compassion of people around the world for the friends and families of the victims of disasters, exemplified by the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington on 2001 Sept. 11, with the hope that they will overcome their sorrow.

(8991) Solidarity = 1980 PV1

Discovered 1980 Aug. 6 at the European Southern Observatory. Named by the Committee for Small-Body Nomenclature to honor the solidarity of people around the world with both victims and survivors of terrorist attacks like those on New York and Washington on 2001 Sept. 11, in the goal of eliminating terrorism from the world.

(8992) Magnanimity = 1980 TE7

Discovered 1980 Oct 14 at the Purple Mountain Observatory. Named by the Committee for Small-Body Nomenclature to honor the magnanimity of people around the world in dealing with terrorist attacks like those on New York and Washington on 2001 Sept. 11, in the hope that terrorism will be countered with justice for all, not with revenge.

Current Transits

With YILDUN (01Cn17) as Zero Point on 25-Nov-04 at 10:00 UT. (Keywords are mine, Keynotes are Michael R. Meyer from The Eon).

COMPASSION 29Cp12 (208º from Yildun)

Phase 21: Waning TriSeptile | Keynote: Two spheres integrated by will and inclusiveness open the way for a release of transcendent power | Keywords: Intuition, Cosmic Attunement, Creative Agent, Empowering.

SOLIDARITY 09Ta51Rx (308.34º from Yildun)

Phase 31: Waning Sextile | Keynote: The enrichment a way of life and its social instrumentalities | Keywords: Implementation, Forces of Integration, Whole-Seeing, Accepting.

MAGNANIMITY 15Li45 (104º from Yildun)

Phase 11: Waxing BiSeptile | Keynote: Creative will shapes the character of the future | Keywords: Intercession, Mysterious Agencies, Creative Will, Internalizing.


[1] Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. Solidarity went retrograde (redressing past imbalances) in 21Taurus28'32.2562Rx on 11-Sep-04 at 12:11:206894 UT (5:11:206894 AM PST), and reached Phase 31 in 09Taurus53'2.5314Rx on 25-Nov-04 at 06:52:536923 UT (24-Nov-04 at 10:06:52:536923 PM PST). Solidarity goes Direct in 06Taurus39 on 29-Dec-04 at 11:32:532939 UT (3:32:532939 AM PST). Phase 31 is 300.00º to 308.36º and Phase 32 is 308.36º to 315.00º. Solidarity entered Phase 32 around 26-June and will re-enter Phase 32 in late January 2005.

[2] The 11-Sep-04 retrograde begins in PHASE 34 (320º from Yildun; Keywords: Evaluation, New Seed Released, Gathering Harvest, Analyzing), ends 29-Dec-04 in PHASE 31 (305º from Yildun; Keywords: Implementation, Forces of Integration, Whole-Seeing, Accepting), and returns to 21Taurus28'32.2562 on 23-Mar-05 at 23:18:180938 UT (3:18:180938 PM PST). Solidarity is still 320º from Yildun 01Cn16 when it returns to Phase 34.

[3] During retrograde Solidarity travels 15 degrees to 06Ta39 and travels another 15 degrees on its return to 21Ta28 = 30 degrees.

[4] The seventh harmonic is expressed by the Septiles which divide the natal chart by seven -- 360 / 7 = 51.4285714285714285714285714285714. The septile is 51 degrees and 26 minutes (more info). In The Eon, this corresponds to Phase 6 (51.25º), Phase 11 (101.52º), Phase 17 (154.18º), Phase 21 (206.44º), Phase 27 (257.10º), and Phase 32 (308.36º). The hexidecimal numbers divisible by 51 are: 33 (51), 66 (102), 99 (153), CC (204), and FF (255). These numbers (plus zero) form a diagonal line across the center of this table (in gold).

[5] Another diagonal line on the hexidecimal table crosses the first line and those numbers are divisible by 15 (in gold; divisible by 51 in green): 0F (15), 3C (60), 69 (105), 96 (150), C3 (195), F0 (240). Overlaid on the NI table to locate Hex 51/15. Diagonal Names: (15) NTI{AL}TIA and (51) BOI{IM}ELN.

Gematria of Nothing

"A method of enumerating the letters of the English Alphabet which utilizes both negative and positive numbers forming a unique system of binary correspondences. By utilizing the GoN the perception of duality is simultaneously denied and confirmed, merging diferent polarities into holistic cognition, creating a doorway between equality and difference. The GoN seeks to allow us to transcend the boundaries of dualistic perception by embracing the polarity of correspondences." —Gematria of Nothing, FAQ

maat = 21 (1+13+13-6=21)
vulture = -21 (-8+-7+2+-6+-7+-4+9=-21)
the numbers between -21(vulture) and 21 (maat, kia, aeon) represent the "hallways of maat"
—Infekshun, Gematria of Nothing | GoN Calculator | GoN Archives | Liber Arachnid (Commentary)

-16 = Taurus
-15 = YHVH ELHYNU HYVH; Twenty-one
-10 = Hyperstition; Myth
-8 = Coronzon; IPSOS; NUIT; What is thus {Liber Arachnid}; Through its opposite {Liber Arachnid}
-1 = Yildun (No, Eros, Azure, Moon, But, Thought, Silver, Platinum Group, Thrones, "I Reign Over You")
0 = BONORUM; Prophet; Folly; ORMEs; Vestals
1 = Violet
8 = Solidarity (One, Thunder, Rattle, Think, Theoricus, Monocerotis, Homogenous, Hue, Fool, Tektite)
10 = RA-HOOR-KHU-IT, LIALPRT, Rhodium; Aurora; Leo; Numogram; Teli; BUER; Pomona
15 = AL; joke; Neh! (Liber Arachnid); jewel; poisoned; GAVaX; transition metals; iridium
16 = Compassion (God, Blue, Prince-Priest {Liber AL:15}, Pani, Voice, Food, Eat, Rainbow, Pain, Weak, Seek, As One, As None, Roaring, The Veil of Nuit)
19 = {19 is 91 in reflection} LIALPRT VIVIALPRT DIALPRT OLPRIT (Ordeal X; Old One, beyond; turbulence; WILLIAM; SHIA, Angel of Mercy: ShIA + AL (Shiael); homogenous catalyst; the secret word; no other god; I AM; infinite stars; continuity of existence; palette; holy grail)
21 = ALIM (ALYM = 5); Friday; Spider Sense
23 = {Strange Attractor} Aleister; Beast; DNA; Name; the light; the wand; chosen ones; everything equals everything; hypercipher; complete; Manji; Star of Fire
26 = NTI{AL}TIA; deep; angels; GAZAVA; Color Palette
28 = Magnanimity (Dee, Peni Pani, The Work of the Wand {Liber AL I:37}, Hadit, Accuser, Lingam, Beldor)
30 = ARALIM; Tetragrammaton
31 = iGed, Pentagram, Blasphemy of Thought {Liber Arachnid}, Amber
32 = Another joke {Liber Arachnid}; The rattle of his tongue {Liber Arachnid}; Alpha; Nakshatra; Coph Nia
33 = Circle City; Fifteen; Revealing; This is the cry of Maat {Liber Arachnid}; Delight; BOI{IM}ELN
34 = The Word of Flight {Liber Pennae Praenumbra}; THELEMA
36 = (51 - 15); BINAH; Seventh Harmonic, Comselha; Asmodai
51 = Babalon; Minister of Hoor-Paar-Kraat; The heart of IAO {Liber Arcanorum}; Compassion|Solidarity|Magnanimity|Yildun; eight-thousand-and-ninety, Jacobs Wheel
66 = (51 + 15); Sigillum Dei Aemeth; ALBaM Cipher; Secret Place of the Thunders {Liber Arcanorum}
91 = Divide, add, multiply and understand {Liber AL I:25}; the perfect and the perfect {Liber AL I:45}


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