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Blair's Labour Party Wins Re-Election

Blair's Labour Party Wins Re-Election

By ROBERT BARR, Associated Press Writer

LONDON - Tony Blair won a historic third term as prime minister Thursday, but his Labour Party suffered a sharply reduced parliamentary majority in punishment for going to war in Iraq. A chastened Blair said "we will have to respond to that sensibly and wisely and responsibly."

The outcome could set the stage for Blair to be replaced in midterm by a party rival such as Gordon Brown. As Treasury chief, Brown was widely credited for the strong economy that appears to have clinched Labour's victory, outweighing the bitterness many voters said they felt over Iraq.

With 614 of the 646 House of Commons seats counted, official results showed 352 seats won by Labour, enough to form a government, 191 went to the Conservatives, 59 went to the Liberal Democrats — the only major party to oppose the Iraq war — and 12 to other smaller parties.

U.K. General Election Coverage
are you liberal, conservative or labour?

i did this wrong :( scored 10 for each one. lol.


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