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14-January-2003 ~ Goddess Hexagram

14-January-2003 i was checking Astrolog — just learned about the Harmonic Concordance. i remember watching Astrolog's animation feature because i was really trying to find a pattern even while realizing how difficult they were to find. Astrolog can animate the movement of the planets by seconds, minutes, hours or days. i found two hexagrams: one on the 14th & one on the 15th. if i remember correctly, i was sitting right on top of the 14-January hexagram & found the second hexagram by checking my ephemerides for 119 asteroids i was tracking at the time. both of these charts were created at Astrodienst:

14-January-2003 chart
• Air Grand Trine: Moon (11Ge9), Neptune (10Aq3), Vesta (9Lib41)
• Fire Grand Trine: Venus (7Sg25) Jupiter (15Le28), Ceres (11Ar12)

15-January-2003 chart
• Water Grand Trine: Sappho (11Sc30), Megaira (12Pi40), Varuna (12Cn5Rx)
• Earth Grand Trine: 1999DE9 (11Vi20Rx), Chiron (12Cp11), Atlantis (10Ta17)

i noticed the zodiac wheel created two basic types of hexagrams: AIR+FIRE and WATER+EARTH. in astrology a grand trine consists of three planets 120 degrees apart creating a triangle; four basic types of grand trines are:

{1} FIRE: aries, leo or sagittarius
{2} EARTH: taurus, virgo, capricorn
{3} AIR: gemini, libra or aquarius
{4} WATER: cancer, scorpio, pisces

each zodiac hexagram consists of two grand trines and the planet / house located at the Medium Coeli (MC, or midheaven) determines the type of hexagram:

{1} FIRE-AIR: aries, leo or sagittarius at the MC
{2} EARTH-WATER: taurus, virgo, capricorn at the MC
{3} AIR-FIRE: gemini, libra or aquarius at the MC
{4} WATER-EARTH: cancer, scorpio, pisces at the MC

the polarity pairs (opposite signs) on the zodiac wheel: Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, Virgo-Pisces.

example: Pluto is in Aries at the MC creating the upward triangle with planets at Leo & Sagittarius creating the Fire Grand Trine. Neptune is in Libra at the Imum Coeli (IC, nadir) creating the downward triangle with planets at Gemini & Aquarius creating the Air Grand Trine.

i decided to call the 14-January-2003 hexagram the "goddess hexagram" because it consisted of 3 goddess asteroids and the Moon & Neptune, which had more feminine characteristics. i also determined hexagram #37 of the I-Ching, The Family [The Clan], described the goddess hexagram; hexagram #8 , Holding Together [Union], described the 15-January hexagram.

and i didn't make this connection until i began reviewing my notes just now: the 14-January-2003 hexagram occurred during Comet Kudo-Fujikawa's discovery. correction: Kudo-Fujikawa was discovered 14-December-2002 — so here's the wrong galaxy (the 14-January-2003 astronomy picture of the day) or the president's remarks on Iraq made on the same day.


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