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  • Fri, 11:35: Is President Obama on black people time? 🤔
  • Fri, 11:37: I shall hum this:
  • Fri, 11:40: Various Artists - How Far I'll Go - Heard Around the World (24 Languages) (From "Moana")
  • Fri, 11:41: He's here!
  • Fri, 11:44: President Obama listing how far we've come with Obamacare, poverty rate... lots!
  • Fri, 11:45: This is the most wonderful press conference of the year & I know who's naughty & nice to ask questions... President Obama (more or less)
  • Fri, 11:47: Washington Post reports: FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win election
  • Fri, 11:49: “I could not be prouder to be your president.” President Obama
  • Fri, 11:50: Putin is the focus of first question for President Obama
  • Fri, 11:51: President Obama continues to work with PEOTUS during the transition
  • Fri, 11:52: Cyber attacks should be a bipartisan issue, and the President-elect should be concerned about not making it a political football
  • Fri, 11:53: President Obama providing timeline of hacking starting with July
  • Fri, 11:54: Once we had clarity and certainty about Russia's cyber attack on the DNC we let the public know. We did not discuss consequences.
  • Fri, 11:55: The press interpreted it, but we did not. I wanted to make sure we were trying to play it straight and not influence the political process
  • Fri, 11:55: If we had done otherwise, it would've become one more political scrum and done the work of the attackers
  • Fri, 11:56: In Sept, when President Obama talked to Putin, he told him to "cut it out" - "there would be consequences". We handled it correctly
  • Fri, 11:58: We allowed the press and the public to weigh that information. But I find it a little curious that this disadvantaged Hillary Clinton
  • Fri, 11:58: when the Press reported the WikiLeaks information every day! What is it about our political system that makes us vulnerable?
  • Fri, 12:01: Pres Obama's point seems to be the Press focused on the DNC LEAKS but not what triggered the leaks: RUSSIAN HACKING. Now everybody's 😱
  • Fri, 12:02: Just as I told Russia to "stop it", I also had to have the same conversation with the Chinese about their hacking
  • Fri, 12:03: Cyber Arms Race where USA has offensive and defensive capabilities to put guardrails around bad actors. We're more wired than other nations
  • Fri, 12:04: President Obama's last point on this question in respect to response: my principle goal was the election would go off w/o a hitch
  • Fri, 12:05: That does not mean that we are not going to respond. That just means we had specific objectives prior to the election.
  • Fri, 12:05: Future actions to take will be known, some not known.
  • Fri, 12:07: We already have enormous sanctions against Russia. Our relationship with Russia has deteriorated the last 10 years
  • Fri, 12:07: I'm sure a lot of books by pundits will be written about this fascinating election
  • Fri, 12:08: Hillary Clinton's coverage by the media has been ABYSMAL (not quite quoting President Obama)
  • Fri, 12:09: Latte sipping out of touch folks ?
  • Fri, 12:10: President Obama's giving the 411 about what motivated him to get involved in politics and how Dems move forward
  • Fri, 12:11: Building a more sustainable (eg, midterms) political action is something Obama wishes he could've done more to create
  • Fri, 12:16: Press probably focus on black/white yes/no instead of strong statements by Obama concerning ongoing response to Russian hacking
  • Fri, 12:17: President Obama “Our goal continues to be to send a clear message to Russia & others not to do this to us, because we can do stuff to you /1
  • Fri, 12:18: President Obama: “some of it we can do publicly, some of it we will do in a way that they know it, but not everybody will” /2
  • Fri, 12:21: Distinction between the "already always" of the Press vs the responsibilities of a President. Obama's "got this", but the Press not so much
  • Fri, 12:22: somebody's sick in the press corp. Obama offers his doctor
  • Fri, 12:24: Doc Jackson in the house
  • Fri, 12:24: Obamacare works again
  • Fri, 12:24: I understand the impulse to DO SOMETHING. My first priority is what is the right thing to do for America
  • Fri, 12:27: Me? There's more than enough evidence for the Electors to vote for Hillary. The very thing Russia does not want.
  • Fri, 12:30: President Obama doesn't like multi-part questions! j/k
  • Fri, 12:30: During the medical crisis, President Obama answering questions about Aleppo
  • Fri, 12:35: "Let's give it to Mikey" because "leadership" but -- how do you cut through a Catch-22 where all the info is top secret
  • Fri, 12:36: Almost a 3rd of Republican voters support Putin. Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave.
  • Fri, 12:37: We are going to continue to be influenced by foreign interference. We are vulnerable to this.
  • Fri, 12:38: Another multi-part question!
  • Fri, 12:39: Intelligence I've seen gives me great confidence that Russians did the hacking. Obama's not going to step on the upcoming intel report
  • Fri, 12:40: Is President Obama in the position of being "unequivocal" about Russian hacking? How will Press interpret his answers?
  • Fri, 12:43: This isn't about Trump or Clinton but what Obama's pointing out as president: we are vulnerable because we are divided
  • Fri, 12:44: We are vulnerable to cyber attacks and propaganda from other countries. "Everything's under suspicion"
  • Fri, 12:45: If we want to reduce foreign influence on our elections we have to make sure our political process is stronger than it is
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