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i have spoken of Set, but not the Vestals of the Western Quarter.

in the enochian system (usually) the Southern Quarter represents Water. the next quarter is West representing Fire. to me, the noble metals palladium (PD), rhodium (RH), platinum (PT), ruthenium (RU), iridium (IR) & osmium (OS) represent the Eternal & Divine Flame. this idea is from the Vestals. Rome's perpetual flame is attributed to Numa Pompilius (aided by Egeria).

Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift to the United States of America by France to commemorate the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. however, she arrived ten years later (October 28, 1886). in her left hand she holds a tablet inscribed JULY IV MDCCLXXVI and in her right she holds high a torch. her crown has seven rays representing the seven seas / continents. she is known as lady liberty & the goddess of liberty. the flame she holds does not, technically, represent the eternal flame of the United States of America—but it's a good example of the modern idea of a perpetual flame.

an eternal flame can be thought of in two ways: that which begins, and that which ends. the Olympic Flame is a good example of both of these ideas: it begins the Olympic Games and continuously burns throughout the games & is extinguished when the games are completed.

the Vestal flame symbolized the Roman state; its continuation depended on the perpetual endurance of the flame itself and the purity of the women who tended the flame of Vesta. it was believed in Rome that once this flame was permanently extinguished—Rome would cease. the rites of Vesta ended in 394 when the fire was extinguished and the Vestal Virgins disbanded by order of Theodosius I ... known for making Christianity the official state religion of the Roman Empire.

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