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Holy, Holy, Holy....

Donald Tyson lists 24 angels in his book Tetragrammaton based on his reading of Dee's Hieroglyphic Monad. I have not seen these online and thought it would be a good idea to post them.

Tyson mentions Dee's 11th theorem: The mystical sign of the Ram, composed of two semicircles connected by one common point, is very justly attributed to the place of the equinoctial nycthemeron, because the period of twenty-four hours divided by means of the equinox denotes most secret proportions. This I have said in respect of the Earth. Note: nycthemeron means "the natural day and night, or space of twenty-four hours". It is significant (and no accident), says Tyson, that the Hieroglyphic Monad is divided into 24 theorems.

Dee's 24th theorem: Just as we commenced the first theorem of this little book with the point, the straight line, and the circle, and have extended it from the Monadic point to the extreme linear efflux of the Elements in a circle, almost analogous to the equinoctial which makes one revolution in 24 hours, so now at last we consummate and terminate the metamorphosis and the metathesis of all possible contents of the Quaternary defined by the number 24 by our present twenty-fourth theorem, to the honour and Glory of Him, as witnesseth John the Archpraesul of the Divine Mysteries, in the fourth and last part of the fourth chapter of the Apocalypse, who is seated on His Throne, around and in front of which the four animals, each with six wings, chant night and day without repose: "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Omnipotent, who was, is and is to come," the same as the 24 ancient ones in the 24 seats placed in the circle, adore Him and prostrate themselves, having cast their Crowns of gold to earth, saying: "Worthy art Thou, O God, to receive Glory, Honour, and Virtue, because Thou hast created all things, and out of Thy Will they have been created."

Note: Compare Revelation 4:8 and Isaiah 6:3 And one cried to another and said: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; The whole earth is full of His glory!"

{image} Revelation 4 describes four beasts with 24 wings representing, Tyson says, the angels of the Banners. Since the eighth verse says they do not rest day or night, this refers to the 12 manifest and 12 occult Banners. Tyson took the Hebrew form of Revelation 4:8 and discovered it had 36 letters. "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Omnipotent, who was, is and is to come" and arranged the letters to obtain the 24 angelic names (same formula used to create the 72-fold Name of the Shem ha-Mephoresh in Exodus 14:19-21). The 12 names of the merciful angels are extracted by reading downwards, the 12 names of the severe angels are read upwards. The letters AL are appended to the angels of mercy; the letters IH are appended to the angels of severity. Tyson says these angels may be related to the Wings of the Winds mentioned in the Second Enochian Key. These Wings are elemental angels of the earth. Also see Psalm 18:10 (he did fly upon the wings of the wind) and Psalm 104:3 (who walks upon the wings of the wind).

Also check out The Ritual of the Emerald Throne. What makes these angel names particularly interesting to me is Tyson's exploration of the 24 permutations of YHVH (Tyson uses IHVH). YHVH has 12 unique versions when Heh final is not indicated. However, when Heh final is indicated there are 24 permutations. Sixteen of these are mirror images of one another, i.e., eight can be flipped over to create eight more. The final eight are created by taking the four versions of YHVH that are usually associated with the mutable signs of the zodiac. Only the YV (father-son) or HH (mother-daughter) are switched in these four cases. I compared four versions of YHVH (Leitch, Heidrick, Tyson, Kaplan) and not one of them uses these four versions of YHVH: HYVHƒ, YHƒHV, HƒVYH, VHHƒY. Red text below indicates the angel Tyson associates with these four.

This is the list of angel names as they appear on pages 63 & 64 of Tyson's Tetragrammaton. Tyson uses his own version of the 4-letter name (IHVH). Heh final is indicated by bold text.

IHVH: Aries (Fire—Cardinal)

  1. Angel of Mercy: QThH + AL (Kethahel)—IHVH
  2. Angel of Severity: HThQ + IH (Hatakiah)—IHVH

IHHV: Sagittarius (Fire—Mutable)

  1. Angel of Mercy: QTzH + AL (Kazahel)—IHHV
  2. Angel of Severity: HTzQ + IH (Hazekiah)—IHHV

IVHH: Leo (Fire—Fixed)

  1. Angel of Mercy: QLI + AL (Keliel)—IVHH
  2. Angel of Severity: ILQ + IH (Yelekiah)—IVHH

HVHI: Cancer (Water—Cardinal)

  1. Angel of Mercy: DVI + AL (Daviel)—HVHI
  2. Angel of Severity: IVD + IH (Yodiah)—HVHI

HVIH: Pisces (Water—Mutable)

  1. Angel of Mercy: DMV + AL (Demuel)—HVIH
  2. Angel of Severity: VMD + IH (Vamediah)HVIH

HHIV: Scorpio (Water—Fixed)

  1. Angel of Mercy: DAB + AL (Dabael)—HHIV
  2. Angel of Severity: BAD + IH (Badiah)—HHIV

VHIH: Libra (Air—Cardinal)

  1. Angel of Mercy: VAH + AL (Vahael)—VHIH
  2. Angel of Severity: HAV + IH (Haviah)—VHIH

VHHI: Gemini (Air—Mutable)

  1. Angel of Mercy: VIH + AL (Vihael)—VHHI
  2. Angel of Severity: HIV + IH (Hiviah)—VHHI

VIHH: Aquarius (Air—Mutable)

  1. Angel of Mercy: VIV + AL (Vivael)—VIHH
  2. Angel of Severity: VIV + IH (Viviah)—VIHH

HIHV: Capricorn (Earth—Cardinal)

  1. Angel of Mercy: ShBV + AL (Shabuel)—HIHV
  2. Angel of Severity: VBSh + IH (Vabashiah)—HIHV

HIVH: Virgo (Earth—Mutable)

  1. Angel of Mercy: ShHV + AL (Shahavel)—HIVH
  2. Angel of Severity: VHSh + IH (Vaheshiah)—HIVH

HHVI: Taurus (Earth—Fixed)

  1. Angel of Mercy: ShIA + AL (Shiael)—HHVI
  2. Angel of Severity: AISh + IH (Aishiah)—HHVI
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