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  • Thu, 16:11: RT @ABC7Jory: Had Hillary won (and run again in 2020) Harris would've had 8 years as Senator, Newsom 6 (potentially) as Governor. Now down…
  • Thu, 16:11: RT @ABC7Jory: Which basically leaves Cory Booker as the front runner to face Trump in 2020 which, if he won, would push Harris/Newsom windo…
  • Thu, 16:12: RT @SammBamm3: Boyle heights has HELLLAA helicopters rn! What's going on🤔🤔
  • Thu, 16:13: RT @Breaking911: Anti-Trump protesters have blocked WB 10 Freeway in Boyle Heights area, LA.
  • Thu, 16:14: RT @KTLA: Anti-Trump protesters being removed from the 10 Fwy after running into lanes, blocking traffic in Boyle Heights area
  • Thu, 16:14: RT @ChaseAlert: Boyle Heights near Cal State LA police have cleared protesters that closed 10 freeway. @ABC7
  • Thu, 16:14: RT @angelique_56: Btw @ABC I thought you would want to know the protest is in Metro LA city not Boyle heights
  • Thu, 16:36: RT @GovHowardDean: The dems need organization and focus on the young. Need a fifty State strategy and tech rehab. I am in for chairman agai…
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