northanger (northanger) wrote,

solar blast

SOLAR BLAST: This morning, just on the other side of the sun's eastern limb, something exploded. The blast hurled a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) into space, but probably not toward Earth. This SOHO coronagraph image shows a bright CME racing away from the Sun on May 3rd at 0130 UT (5:30PM PDT). {}

PRESTO FROM SIDC - RWC BELGIUM Mon May 2 2005, 1302 UT ~ A new sunspot group turned over the east-limb. It produced already two C-flares. We predict a high C-flare probability: 60%-70%. Solar wind speed started to decrease. The influence of the northern coronal hole is dimishing. CACTus detected a slow faint full halo CME on May 2, 05:26. Around that time, there was no relevant flaring activity at the front side and we could not detect a filament eruption. The CME is therefore determined to be backsided. {SIDC}


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