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Asteroid #469 Argentina

Thursday, 20-February-2003, La Puente, CA 117w57, 34n01 at 5:47:06 am (13:47:06 UT)

On 24-December-2002 I made a zodiac chart at and discovered a pentagram created by the moon, saturn, pluto+mars, jupiter, and neptune+mercury (using's default aspect line and orb settings). Back then, I timed rituals by selecting a day and time with the ASC, MC, DSC and IC at Aquarius 15º and later discovered Liber Resh vel Helios {IBAH, Aquarius; And God said: I bind my will in patterns, ordered, cyclic, yet never the same. My Will evolves in Time. BTW, the two most powerful Goëtic demons are Asmodai (Aquarius 10º–15º) and Belial (Aquarius 15º–20º)}.

I wanted to do an end-of-the-year ritual, but my notes mention I was waiting because I pulled hexagram 5. At that time I was tracking approximately 90 asteroids and decided to see which asteroid was closest to Aquarius 15º and saw that asteroid Damocles was near that point in Februrary. The Feburary 20, 2003 chart was generated by aligning Damocles with the ascendant. Damocles has an extremely wild orbit crossing from Mars to Uranus and is the prototype for the Damocloid asteroids (Duncan Steel notes that Damocles' "orbital instability is obvious"). Ironically, Damocles's discovery date of 18-February-1991 in 11Sco05 is close to the chart date.

Astrology: Zane Stein | Mark Holmes | Juan Revilla

Symbolism: Five Pointed Star | The Pythagorean Pentacle | Icosahedron | fivepointed star | pentagon | pentagram

Ischtar-Astarte-Venus was known as the goddess of war, sex and fertility. Interestingly, the five-pointed star (1) appears on U.S. military uniforms, tanks and airplanes and on the American flag (pentagram in circle | Eastern star ) and, (2) apprears, with the crescent moon, on the flags of many Muslim countries and represents the five pillars of the Islamic faith.

Fixed star YILDUN (eSky) is probably from Turkish yilduz, which means "star".

"Yildun has two chief distinctions, neither of them involving the star itself ... The first distinction is the name. While most stars carry Arabic names, and the ones that do not are mostly of Greek or Latin extraction, "Yildun" is taken from a Turkish word for "star." Why such a faint star was given such a singular proper name is not known. But it may have to do with the second distinction. As the second star in from the Little Dipper's handle, Yildun is very close to the North Celestial Pole, the sky's point of zero rotation. Only 3.5 degrees away from the Pole, if not for Polaris, Yildun would make a reasonably acceptable Pole star and probably would have been called Polaris! Aside from Polaris itself, it is the closest star to the Pole with a proper name and Greek letter. It is circumpolar -- perpetually visible -- from the entire northern hemisphere down to a latitude of only 3 degrees north. Moreover, it is about as close to the Pole as it can be, as precession, the 26,000-year wobble of the Earth's axis, is now carrying the Pole away from it. Physically, Yildun is a quite- ordinary white class A star (A1) 183 light years away with a temperature of 9000 Kelvin, a luminosity 47 times that of the Sun, and a diameter of 2.8 solar. Its only real, and not all that unusual, physical distinction is a high rotation speed of 174 kilometers per second that makes its spectrum lines fuzzy. The star spins 87 times faster than the Sun, and makes a full rotation in just 19 hours." --Jim Kaler

Polaris is also known as Yilduz.

With fixed star Yildun (01Cn16) as zero point (originating aspect) we can use Michael Meyer's, The EON: The 36 Cyclic Aspects Symbolically Depicted to evaluate transits relative to Yildun (the star). Note: The word "Goetia" is mentioned only once in Sepher Sephiroth (Liber D). The Goetic demons are usually listed as Day/Night Demon for their decan and sign. Only #10-Buer is identifed as: 10th Spirit of Goetia. Buer rules the first Cancer quinary 00º–05º. BVAR = 209, the same value as Chief Seer or Prophet (hence Abra-Melin) ABRAH; Reward, profit, prize AGRH; To delay, tarry; behind (prep.) AChR; Way ARCh; Dispersed BZR; Sojourned, dwelt GVR; Honour; a King of Edom; The Supernal Benignity HDR; Oppressed ZRB. Someone told me that Crowley evoked Buer when Allen Bennet was sick.

Aquarius 15º is 224º from Yildun, which is Phase 23 - Waning BiQuintile. "KEYNOTE: A capacity and determination to plumb the depths of existence in search of significant experiences and underlying forces. DYNAMIC: The flood of possibilities shown in the previous phases now required a reality check, separating the fanciful and unattainable from what is realistic, possible, and needed within the context of the current cycle. What is needed now isn't more possibilities but a widening scope of meaning and understanding. As the universal principle of differentiation and the force of individuality ebbs, it becomes even more internalized in the individual who is now a creative power in the cosmos, for better and for worse."

My astrological/enochian calendar indicated that totality occurred during the total lunar eclipse of 27-Oct (PST) in Libra 20º–25º (4th house ~ Home; Imagination, fantasies, inner feelings, domestic life). Asteroid #469 Argentina was in this quinary in 1958. The name Argentina comes from argentum, which means silver. Argentina is one of the principal sources of silver (with Canada, Mexico, Peru, Australia, and the United States) and has one of the few tektite fields in the world. Tektites are formed when asteroids/meterorites/comets hit the earth and create glass rock formations. There are only 4 tektite fields on earth and Argentina's is the fifth (discovered in 1991?). Argentina's flag has the "Sun of May" on it representing Inti, the god of rainbows.

The K-T mass extinction occurred 65 million years ago and killed off several species, including the dinosaurs. One theory to explain this mass extinction is an asteroid impact. Chemical evidence in the K-T layer may support this. Tektites form during asteroid collisions and are abundant in the K-T layer. Iridium, one of the platinum group of metals, exists in the earth's core and is rarely found in the earth's crust. Large iridium deposits have been discovered in the K-T layer. (source).

Tektites: Ancient Asteroid Found | Argetina's Mystery Craters | Argentine Escoria | Moldavite | Rings around the Earth

The platinum group of metals are: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum. AKA: transition metals, precious elements, homogenous catalysts. Silver and the "light platinum group" (palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium) are called 3d transition group elements. Gold and the "heavy platinum group" (platinum, iridium, and osmium) are called 4d transition group elements. A Homogeneous Catalyst "exists in the same phase (solid, liquid or gas) as the reactants". David Hudson discovered some interesting properties with these metals in their monoatomic, high-spin state (ORMEs, Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements). "These m-state elements have been observed to exhibit the quantum physical behaviors of superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation."

ORMUS: David Hudson | What is it? | Superconductivity | Quantum Evolution | Shewbread

Argentina at 10Aq00 on 20-Nov, UT 11:22.429393 (Asmodai rules Aquarius 10º–15º). Yildun moves from 01Cn16 to 01Cn17 on 21-Nov, UT 03:51.40514. Argentina at 15Aq00 on 11-Dec, UT 13:08.232290.

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